Ross School Preadmit

<p>hey guys, i know ross school preadmit was started just last year, but i was wondering if anyone had the admissions stats.</p>

<p>how many people apply?
how many people gets accepted?</p>

<p>thanks in advance:)</p>

<p>Roughly 700 applied, 115 (20%) were admitted and 65 enrolled. The mean SAT/ACT scores of those who enrolled was 1420/32 and their mean Michigan GPA was 3.8.</p>

<p>Any word yet on whether Ross got many more applicants than last year for the pre-admit program?</p>

<p>No word yet, but Ross is aiming for a similar size class, so they will extend only 100 offers again. I'd expect this year to have a greater number of pre-admit candidates. Probably close to a 1,000 or so.</p>

<p>so that means what? 10% admit rate if 1000+ applied? very scary to say the least...</p>

<p>when do they start announcing the acceptances?</p>

<p>is it possible to combine the 3-year BBA with honors college?</p>

<p>and how easy is it to get into the program by applying at the end of freshman year?</p>

<p>So by the looks of last year's stats, only about half of those who get into Ross through pre-admit actaully enroll in the program soph yr?</p>

<p>no its not possible.unless you double major in LSA. The honors college is part of LSA..not the bschool so as soon as you get into the bschool sophomore year, you cant be in the honors college anymore</p>

<p>Umm, odin. I believe half of the applicants who apply soph year are accepted, not half the pre-admits enroll soph year. Correct me if I'm wrong though...not that sure</p>

<p>115 of 716 students were admitted last year (16%) and 62 enrolled. Of those 62, assuming no transfers or dropouts, those who have a 3.3 GPA or better will advance to the B-School. Ross expects more pre-admit applicants this year... Alexandre's 1,000 sounds like a reasonable estimate.</p>

<p>Last year, 358 of 766 applicants were admitted after their freshmen year, 47%, with an average GPA of 3.64 and a middle 80% GPA of 3.3 to 3.8. Competition will like be a tad stiffer this year because of the pre-admit pool and because the growing rep of Ross (especially with the new facilities in progress).</p>

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<p>lhh, i am not completely sure about your concern on combining honors with ross, but i know a BUNCH of the pre-admits this year are in honors right now as first years.. id say maybe 15-20 out of the 63 preadmits are in honors</p>

<p>yeah, but its pretty pointless... unless you really want to take great books or something or thinking about staying in LSA.</p>