RSI Validation on Application

<p>How do I indicate that I participated in RSI? How will schools verify this? Someone told me that they have a list of all major award winners in different categories, including RSI, that they just check off from there. Can anyone shed any light on this matter, as I know that many people just fake their Extracurricular Involvement, including phony National Competitions and Awards, and gain admission.</p>

<p>RSI is a pretty prestigious program with only like 75-80 people attending. I'm guessing it shouldn't be too difficult to validate such an extraordinary achievement as that. As for fake ECs, I think for many schools ur guidance counselor has to sign off ur application before it is sent. However, I have heard of cases where people have gotten into college by faking ECs. Just don't do it, it's not good.</p>

<p>If you tell a college that you were in RSI, they'll believe you. </p>

<p>If they find out that you lied about it, they'll torture you with a wrench, then murder your family.</p>

<p>"torture you with a wrench, then murder your family"</p>

<p>a fitting description from someone who lives in bleeding kansas :).</p>

<p>yeah, i'm pretty hardcore</p>


<p>Just list it under academic activities. They'll know what to do.</p>

<p>Don't stress over it, basically.</p>

<p>WHOA!! are you ECismyhome, reborn!?!? How are you doing? What college are you at?!</p>


<p>(1) yup
(2) Things are good.
(3) Yale, but I'll be up at MIT this summer for a bit.</p>

<p>whoaaa, I remember you and Paul Ryu from the RSI thread 2 years ago! Is anyone still here that was around back then?</p>

<p>And jason, I never found out what EC stood for. Care to say?</p>

<p>As amused as I am by wordplay, I had a few different meanings:</p>

<p>East Campus (of MIT)
East Coast
Every Corner

<p>Doesn't RSI give you a recommendation at the end of the program from your mentor? So if you choose to use that as your supplementary rec it'll be proof enough. </p>

<p>That and I somehow doubt people would lie about getting into RSI. That's pretty darn major, compared to say, "I won first place in a national competition in which there were 6 people participating, including my four best friends from Massachusetts and my penpal from California". =D</p>

<p>If you lied on your application, they could revoke your degree at ANY POINT IN THE FUTURE.</p>

<p>College admissions is a game, scheming at some level is just staying competitive, but I know I wouldn't want to live with this remote possibility. Dishonesty isn't worth it.</p>

<p>Lying is bad, too.</p>

<p>Yes, I know they could revoke someone's degree. I was just asking how I COULD validate RSI, as I am going. Thanks for the prior comments though.</p>