Rutgers--New Brunswick SAS Honors

<p>Hey. Iam a junior in high school and live 30 mins from New Brunswick. Iam on the premed track and am wondering if I have a chance at getting into Rutgers SAS Honors. Here are some stats of mine.</p>

<p>GPA: 3.8 W (9th through 11th grade) guessing around 3.5 UW
SAT: 2040 (first attempt)
(hoping around 2150 2nd attempt in June)</p>

<p>9th and 10th grade weighted GPA: 3.6
11th grade weighted GPA: 4.2
(hopefully the GPA jump will show my dedication to work)</p>

<p>I believe I am somewhere in the top 20% of my school (this I am worried will ruin my chances, however I attend a fairly competitive school (East Brunswick High School) and have heard of kids in the 20th percentile being admitted to the SAS Honors Program.</p>

<p>Junior Year classes: AP Biology, Calculus H, almost all other honors</p>

<p>Senior year with be taking AP English, AP Art History, all other honors (such as Anatomy/Physiology H, Calculus II H)</p>

<p>EC's: Played in over 200 chess tournaments, teach chess at private school, tried out for schools tennis team this year, play guitar (played some shows), volunteer at the library will have about 50 hours by end on junior year.</p>