Rutgers, TCNJ- UMDNJ

<p>I submitted 3 teacher recs.. no resume.. should we have?
call them and ask about the materials</p>

<p>i don't think they wanna resume</p>

<p>my essay on why i wanna be a doctor was corny</p>

<p>and that community essay for the regular undergrad app was horrible</p>

You should have received an email from Rutgers, Neward campus that your file is complete. I received an email on Dec.17(last Friday).</p>

<p>I didn't recieve any e-mail. On the Rutgers site it says that only my SAT scores were recieved.</p>

<p>mail4nrs, can you please log into your Rutgers status screen and tell me what it says under "documents recieved". </p>

<p>I sent my transcript in with the portfolio to Mrs. Godino and didn't bother to send another transcript directly to the RU admissions center. What did you do?</p>

<p>I suggest you to call Christina Godino. I received an email from her thet your BA/MD portfolio is complete and will be reviewed by BA/MD committee.</p>

<p>On rutgers application status - It says congratuations! you have beed admitted to regular undergraduate admission. They also send the scholarship information with the admitted letter. On application status screen, it says 'document received' - SAT score and under 'Item still required' - Final HS Transcript. If you need Ms. Godino's contact number then please let me know.</p>

<p>Yes, I do need her number. I don't want it to come to a situation where they will be unable to review me.</p>

<p>Christina Godino is the contact for Rutgers BA/MD admission officer. Her number is (973) 353-5205 ext. 12</p>

<p>Mrs. Godino called me yesterday and said that they had all my infor but didn't have my e-mail address... so they couldn't do anything to e-mail me. I was relieved. Let's hope all of us get in!</p>

<p>Anyone heard anything from TCNJ?</p>

<p>they called me the other week and set up an interview. tcnj i mean. but i know someone with the same stats as me who didnt hear anything yet cuz he applied later. i applied the middle of november, so if you applied after that dont worry you'll probably get a call soon</p>

<p>anyone here going to the TCNJ scholars' reception invitation for Jan 29?</p>

<p>Any one heard from Rutgers?</p>

<p>nothing yet, but mrs. godino told me that she's sent my app to the pre-helath committee that will decide if I deserve an interview or not.</p>

<p>i called rutgers like 2 days ago and they said that everyone who meets the minimum quals [1400 sat i think] will get the first of 2 interviews soon at rutgers.. then after that... they send a certain amt of apps to umdnj</p>

<p>tcnj does the same thing... i think they already stated calling ppl in for interviews at tcnj.. i haven't gotten one yet tho</p>

<p>just got a call from tcnj for interview!!!! YAAAY!!!</p>

<p>sweet.. i hope i get a call soon... but i just gave my teacher recs out today nd they will be mailed out within a week so they prolly wont evaluate me for like another 2/3 weekss... gl with u tho</p>

<p>thanks. good luck to you too</p>

<p>just came back from my tcnj interview..
gluck to everyone else</p>

<p>How was ur interview rubens?</p>