Rutgers, TCNJ- UMDNJ

<p>just came back from my tcnj interview..
gluck to everyone else</p>

<p>How was ur interview rubens?</p>

<p>yea..what type of stuff did they ask, ruben? i have mine this monday, and im not so hot with interviews - yikes!</p>

<p>it went well
normal interview stuff.. the guidelines on this site really helped..
like why u want to do medicine?
what influenced your decision?
.. he really liked me because he had some kid who came from my school</p>

<p>it wasnt a tense thing at all.. it was like a normal conversation if anythin at all</p>

<p>The interview you had was with TCNJ or UMDNJ( I mean New Jersey Medical School) in Newark</p>

<p>only tcnj.. </p>

<p>..around when does NJMS start contacting people for interviews?</p>

<p>Does any one know when Rutgers going to start calling people for interview. TCNJ,DREW and other university already started calling for thier interview.</p>

<p>Are the med programs affiliated with UMDNJ's New Jersey Medical School or UMDNJ's Robert Wood Johnson Medical School? I know Drew's program is with NJMS, but I'm not sure about the others.</p>

<p>i kno that TCNJ and Rutgers are w/ UMDNJ and i think NJIT's is too..not too sure about the other one..srry</p>

<p>drew, tcnj & rutgers are all affiliated with UMDNJ-NJMS in 7 year accelerated programs that one may apply to as high school seniors.</p>

<p>UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson has an 8 year program that one may apply to as a sophomore at rutgers university.</p>

<p>Yep, I'm going to the reception on the 29th, who else besides mike? Does everyone get invited to that reception thing? I don't get what it is exactly...haha.</p>

<p>lol im not going anymore (dont worry jerseygirl, not b/c of you :)). other plans came up.</p>

<p>Ouch...I was looking forward to meeting you :(...haha jk</p>

<p>Haven't heard from Rutgers yet? Any one heard anything?</p>

<p>Yeah i got in. I applied in October so i heard in early November.</p>

<p>I applied Decmber 1st, 11:59 PM and 56 seconds and recieved an acceptance letter a week and a half ago. The package acknowledged my application for the BA/MD program and reported that I'd still have to wait for news regarding that, since it was a seperate process.</p>

<p>Good Luck to all you applying!</p>

<p>My son also got admission to Rutgers but I was asking for any one heard anything on inteviews with UMDNJ. Any calls or emails for interview yet? I thought there will be 1st round of interview with Rutgers BA/MD Committeee and then they will send selected applicantion to UMDNJ. I am curious becuase other schools already set up 1st round of interviews for their applicant. Schools like Drew, TCNJ, Montclair...</p>

<p>Anyone heard from NJMS/UMDNJ yet?</p>

<p>Just got a call for my UMDNJ interview today! I already interviewed at Stevens and she forwarded my stuff a couple of weeks ago (actually probably a little less than that). Getting an interview at UMDNJ is HUGE right, like 100 out of 1700 get it right?</p>

<p>Iceman, when's your interview?</p>