Rutgers, TCNJ- UMDNJ

<p>I applied Decmber 1st, 11:59 PM and 56 seconds and recieved an acceptance letter a week and a half ago. The package acknowledged my application for the BA/MD program and reported that I'd still have to wait for news regarding that, since it was a seperate process.</p>

<p>Good Luck to all you applying!</p>

<p>My son also got admission to Rutgers but I was asking for any one heard anything on inteviews with UMDNJ. Any calls or emails for interview yet? I thought there will be 1st round of interview with Rutgers BA/MD Committeee and then they will send selected applicantion to UMDNJ. I am curious becuase other schools already set up 1st round of interviews for their applicant. Schools like Drew, TCNJ, Montclair...</p>

<p>Anyone heard from NJMS/UMDNJ yet?</p>

<p>Just got a call for my UMDNJ interview today! I already interviewed at Stevens and she forwarded my stuff a couple of weeks ago (actually probably a little less than that). Getting an interview at UMDNJ is HUGE right, like 100 out of 1700 get it right?</p>

<p>Iceman, when's your interview?</p>

<p>On Thursday of next week. I have a TCNJ interview the day before to see if they even forward my app to UMDNJ! So that's two days out of school next week, woohoo!</p>

<p>Yo Iceman, did Mrs. Flemings from Stevens tell you right at the interview that she was forwarding your app?</p>

<p>Did she contact you or did UMDNJ call you direct to inform you of your interview?</p>

<p>Also, what did you stress during your interview at Stevens that you were able to get an interview at UMDNJ?</p>

<p>Hook us up on low down!</p>

<p>By the way- Rutgers has been awfully silent on who is getting an interview? I even called Mrs. Godino (whose in charge of the program) and all she could tell me was that "they" would call us and tell us about our interview.</p>

<p>a) Yes, Mrs. Fleming told me right at the interview that she was forwarding my app. However, I needed to have another science teacher rec (even though I already had one) and a "Why Do I Want to be a Doctor?" essay, so I e-mailed those to her less than a week after my interview with her. I also decided, on her suggestion, to submit a resume. I e-mailed the three things to her and she responded that she has forwarded them to UMDNJ immediately. She said that there is usually a two-week layover time, and since she sent the stuff on the 11th, it has been approximately two weeks.</p>

<p>b) UMDNJ contacted me directly to schedule the interview. Mrs. Fleming said that if she had to contact me then I was out of the running. Fortunately, she didn't have to.</p>

<p>c) Man, I came into that interview not preparing AT ALL. After I sent my apps in, I stopped visiting this site and decided to just wing the interview. I spent TWO HOURS with her, and we mostly talked about my interests, how I first got interested in medicine, stuff about Stevens, the UMDNJ process, etc. It was very similar to an alumni interview actually, minus the med school stuff. I say just be yourself, talk like a normal teenager, don't be nervous, and if things get too boring, there's always an interesting view of a smokestack from outside of her office window. Oh, and watch out for the handshake, I thought my hand was going to fall off! But all in all, she's a very nice lady that just wants to get to know you. I'm just surprised I got called back so fast!</p>

<p>Some more questions:</p>

<p>What did you include on your resume and in how much detail did you go?</p>

<p>How long was your "Doctor" essay and what did you mainly talk about?</p>

<p>I have a rec from a science teacher and math teacher, is that enough?</p>

<p>a) I included a one-page list of my extracurriculars, awards, and hobbies, in that order. I didn't double-space, but made sure it looked clean. I used bullets for the first half.</p>

<p>b) Mrs. Fleming said to keep the essay around 500 words but mine was 671 words. Once again, make sure it all fits on one page and looks clean. I used 11.5 font size to make sure it looked nice. I just recycled my doctor stuff from other essays, saying how I first became interested in medicine, stating my experiences from volunteering, what a doctor does, and what kind of doctor I hope to be. My essay was basically centered around those four paragraphs. But by no means limit yourself to this approach; I am sure those higher powers at UMDNJ are quite open.</p>

<p>c) I initially gave her a rec from my Science and English teacher, and she specifically asked me to get ANOTHER science teacher rec. I used my Physics Honors teacher and my AP Chem teacher.</p>

<p>BTW, just to calm your nerves, as you seem a bit anxious about all this, my stats are far less than stellar. I have a 1410 SAT and 740, 720, 700 SAT II scores. I wasn't commended or anything like that for the PSATs either. I think once you meet the entrance requirements, you have as good of a chance as anybody else. Then it just comes to how well you present what you have.</p>

Do you have any Research or health related experience?</p>

<p>No research experience. I shadowed a doctor, learned in a radiology center for a couple of weeks, have experience in a doctor's office, and volunteered in rehab for around 1000 hours.</p>

<p>Just got an interview for Albany Medical College today! I sent my application in LAST NIGHT, and they responded today! What's up with that?</p>

<p>ur on a roll</p>

<p>For those people here who have applied to more than one undergrad school for the UMDNJ med program, which undergrad school is your top choice assuming you get accepted into the program?</p>

<p>for me.. TCNJ
Also, I just received the letter for my interview with UMDNJ (I had my TCNJ interview about a month ago)</p>

<p>I haven't recieved any letter for my UMDNJ interview and it has been more than a moth since my Stevens interview.</p>

<p>mail4nrs-- I just heard from Rutgers that I got in if that helps.</p>

<p>Did you interview first at Rutgers? My son is still waiting to hear from Rutgers.</p>

<p>anyone who interviewed at rutgers --
did they tell you whether or not they will send your file or was there no contact at all?</p>