Rutgers, TCNJ- UMDNJ

two things
1] maybe essays werent good?
2] who cares?... he got into better programs anyway so... or atleast he will... he'll definetly get into the drexel program as long as he isnt the nervous type at interviews... becuz it sounds like hes a realllly good applicant... so as long as he didnt blow the interview... he will be fine</p>

<p>think of it as a blessing in disguise... PLUS... SAT scores aren't everything... maybe they were lookin for something else... i cant imagine what... but w/e</p>

<p>good luck with everything</p>

<p>if it helps mail4ns, i also did not get an interview at Rutgers for the umdnj program, and i ended up getting a med school interview b/c i applied through drew and tcnj. so obviously, rutgers is being silly, or had some really crazy small number of kids they were allowed to pick. and u know what, i got into the villanova and lehigh med program, and here rutgers didnt even give me a prelim interview. so, i really dont think its your son, have faith in the other decisions to come.</p>

<p>i got my letter for acceptance by tcnj a long time ago. im a little worried because I dont no if tcnj forwarded my app to umdnj even tho stevens and drew did and i already had my umdnj interview. but if i do get in, would i still be able to go tcnj? or would i have to go to stevens or dreW?</p>

<p>i dunno chica.. you'd have to call the people at UMDNJ and TCNJ to find out
haha.. strangely enough I also did not get an interview from Rutgers for the program.. I'm OK with it though because I like TCNJ better anyways and still have a chance at their program.</p>

<p>Thanks guys! I hope my son gets into Drexel program. He only applied thru Drexel Undergrad. Does any one know how many applicants are accepted from each program (lehigh, villanova, drexel)? He is accepted in 7 years rpi/amc program.</p>

<p>itd be awesome if we both got in studyguy! IM me and we'll talk</p>

<p>Good Luck to everyone for this program!</p>

<p>for those who had the interview at umdnj.. was it a one on one thing or was it a group of people interviewing you?</p>

<p>1-on-1, and I think interviews should be over by now. I had mine in early February.</p>

<p>alright thanks.. mine is tomorrow actually so im guessing im one of the last
did they tell you anything right away or are you informed about their decision later on?</p>

<p>Rubens, how was ur interview?</p>

<p>and we find out Monday, right?</p>

<p>SO are the rutgers interviews basically over? U guys are all talkin about interviews for the Rutgers BA/MD Program right?</p>

<p>i would assume they're all over by now!</p>

<p>can anyone confirm that we get them monday? (tomorrow would be nice..the wait is killing me)</p>

<p>btw...would anyone pick tcnj-njms over lehigh-drexel? if so, why, cuz i'm totally confused (assuming i get in..[cross my fingers])</p>

<p>thanks...and good luck all</p>

<p>my interview was all right.. my interviewer said I should have applied to yale or colombia or something which was good but well see how i did when the results come..</p>

<p>good luck everyone.. hope everyone gets in(especially me :))</p>

<p>and by monday do you mean day after tomorrow?
when I had my interview they said we would be informed on april 15th..
so when is it??</p>

<p>15th??!! ahhhhh</p>

<p>everyone here is saying the 4th</p>

<p>maybe its "rolling"...i had my interview back in feb (but i did tcnj not rutgers)</p>

<p>last question, has anyone gotten an interview through the rugters/umdnj program cuz all im reading is interviews through the tcnj program and not the rutgers one.</p>

<p>mine was through tcnj as well.. no clue about rutgers</p>

<p>where did letters coming on the 4th start from?..</p>


<p>You should hear from the undergrad school (or in many instances, schools) you appplied to this week if you're IN.</p>

<p>SO has anyone heard anything yet?</p>

<p>ahhhhh...not me yet and i'm in jersey!</p>