Safety School

<p>How many of you would happily trot off to your safety school, and what is it?</p>

<p>well its UDel......didnt hear from them yet....but i would love to go there if i didnt get into my top choices</p>

<p>i wouldn't say "trot" there, but i wouldn't hate myself for going because it's in my town and it's small and fine and dandy and most of my friends are going there... but it's humboldt state.</p>

<p>you gotta like your safties....thats why you must choose carefully...dont pick a college just for the sake of filling up the spot of safety schools in your list</p>

<p>hmmm. my probably...san diego state?</p>

<p>heh heh, humboldt state eh? if im not mistaken, isnt humboldt county famous for its marijuana? </p>

<p>i think id be happy there...</p>

<p>yes yes, humboldt is the pot capital of america. poll taken at my high school- 96% of the seniors have tried pot at least once.</p>

<p>My safety is University of Alabama... it's actually quite nice.</p>

<p>bah...I've gotten scholarship money from my I'm ok with going there if I have to...but I REALLY want to go to UGA...</p>


<p>University of Miami in florida could have been my safety but i didnt look into it that much....was that mistake?</p>

<p>no, it wasn't a mistake. Miami is overrated.</p>

<p>^^ and overpriced</p>


<p>University of California at Irvine but I would be ashamed to go there. :/</p>

<p>Its UC, live with it.</p>

<p>My safety is UT-Knoxville. I'd be absolutely happy there, but it's a little close to home and not quite what I want, academic-standards wise.</p>

<p>Which is why I have to go to Brown or Duke. Yeah!!!</p>

<p>smc !</p>

<p>Safeties... Rutgers New Brunswick (in state, sister attends) and George Washington (other sister attends).</p>

<p>I <3 my sisters so I would love either.</p>

<p>Many people also considering NYU a safety at my school. It's actually the third most common college for us, after Rutgers and Penn State. I love NYU, too.</p>

<p>University of Warwick in England...already got admission there for september. If i dont get into the schools in the states, im off to england</p>

<p>University of Washington is my current safety. I'm planning on applying to UW and a bunch of other reaches (Cornell, MIT, and Olin) to see if I could in. I'll probably end up at UW though because of money reasons. I'm not too disappointed, it's pretty good for a state school.</p>