SAT 2260 or ACT 35?

<p>First, I took the ACT and got a 35 on my first try. Then I decided I should also take the SAT and got a 2260 on my first try. Which one should I submit to the colleges I'm applying to? (Harvard, Yale, University of Chicago, Princeton, Cornell, and University of Pennsylvania)</p>

<p>If you look at the ACT/SAT concordance tables on the ACT or College Board websites, you’ll see that 35 is considered a higher score than 2260. I recommend submitting the 35.</p>

<p>Please also be sure to apply to a safety–a college you would be happy to attend that you can afford.</p>

<p>Don’t look past the advice to have safeties; I know of at least two ACT 36ers who got deferred from Yale SCEA this year.</p>

<p>your kidding…35</p>