SAT/ACT Deadlines?

<p>So I was looking at Boston University's website and it says test scores are due on the 1st of January. Does this mean I can send score on the 31st of December and it counts? Or should I be sending scores now so they can be processed or whatever even though I didn't submit my application?</p>

<p>It’s fine to submit your scores before you finalize your app. They will be matched with the rest of your app once the other pieces arrive. If you know you will be applying, go ahead and send them so you are sure they’ll arrive in time.</p>

<p>The thing is I want to wait until the December 23rd SAT scores come out before I send everything and submit my app. Is it possible to send them at that time? D:</p>

<p>You better check with the school. Some schools want the scores by deadline while most have a grace period of a week or two. If I were you, I will just put the school on the free score report from 12/23 test. It will include all previous scores and the school would look for the best scores and many even superscores them anyway. Don’t wait.</p>