SAT/ACT percentiles comparble?

<p>Are the percentiles of both tests seen the same as colleges? I mean is percentile in ACT as impressive as a 99 percentile in SAT?</p>

<p>Most people say that the coasts tend to have smarter students than deep south and midwest. So is it harder to get 99 percentile on SAT than the ACT?</p>

<p>"Most people say that the coasts tend to have smarter students than deep south and midwest."</p>

<p>This is only a myth!!!!!!</p>

<p>I am sure that your wording was meant to inflame anger and encourage hard feelings. I was going to ignore this post, but I decided to respond to it instead. In order to clear up any misconceptions about the inferiority of Midwestern students’ intelligence, I will cite my score report from Collegeboard’s own site (which was not designed or written by Midwestern “intellectual weaklings”) My recent math score of 680 was in the 91st percentile nationally, but only in the 79th percentile in my state.</p>

<p>I am SO sorry if I offended anyone. It was really not my intention. I apologize once again. I was just saying what "I heard." It's just that the best schools tend to be in CA, MA, VA, MD, NY, NJ, FL etc, and they are all SAT states (they also send the most kids to best colleges).</p>

<p>I am really sorry if I sounded mean or harsh.</p>

<p>P.S. The reason why the scores in your state are so high is that only few kids take SAT, most only take the ACT. In my school 90% people take SAT, I am sure that in your state the percentage of people who take SAT would be CONSIDERABLY lower. The vice versa would be true for ACT.</p>

<p>and the national merit cutoff for NY and CA is a lot higher</p>

<p>what percentile is a 2190 SAT</p>

<p>Probably just touching the 99th percentile. (I sure hope so since I received a 2180!) Maybe the 98th. If you do a direct comparison between the old and new it should be 2200-2210 (since the old cut-off was about 1470) but many people agree that the writing is hurting many grades and could bring the 99th percentile down a bit.</p>

<p>If your intention was not to offend then I apologize as well. I do realize that most people here take the ACT instead of the SAT. However, many people who DO take the SAT do so because they got unspeakably horrid ACT scores.</p>