SAT I or Subject Tests?

<p>I am a rising senior applying to UVA and UNC (among others). I am out of state for both of these schools.</p>

<p>That being said, my SAT scores are 1950/2400, 1350/1600. I have yet to take any subject tests. </p>

<p>My question is, should I retake the SAT I again in October or should I take subject tests? I know both of these schools "strongly suggest" subject tests, but I feel like I can get a 2100 if I take the SAT again. So, is it better to have good SAT and no subject tests, or decent SAT with subject tests?</p>

<p>For what it's worth:
GPA- 4.4(W) and 4.0(UW)
Class rank- 3/252</p>

<p>Perhaps study for the ACT and SAT Subject Tests? This way you can increase your "main" standardized test score, while getting your "supplementary" standardized test scores. I don't know the policies of UVA or UNC, but some schools wave the SATII requirement if you submit ACT w/writing.</p>

<p>Neither school requires subject tests, but they recommend that you take them whether you take the SAT or ACT. That's why I'm in a bind.</p>

<p>Whichever tests you take, practice a lot before you take them. Have been working on specific subject test prep this summer? If not, you might want to practice a 1500 SAT questions between now and October and take another shot at that.</p>

<p>I haven't been studying at all for any subject tests yet, but I would take math 2 and maybe US history if I were to take them. I've been studying on and off for the SAT, but mostly preparing for the ACT which I'm going to try for the first time in September.</p>

<p>Can anyone answer this question:</p>

<p>What is a better decision? Decent SATs (1950) and submitting two subject tests, or very good SATs and submitting no subject tests?</p>

<p>The schools "recommend," but don't require SAT IIs</p>