SAT II World History Prep

<p>i'm self studying for it (haven't taken the class since sophomore year)...</p>

<p>Kaplan or Barron's?</p>

<p>thank you</p>

<p>i used barrons and got a 720... i'm not that familiar with Kaplan</p>

<p>if your self studying i'd get both, more practice and comprehensive info</p>

<p>btw - barrons goes wayyy too in-depth (i'd recommend that you just skim the sections)... the practice tests are just OK</p>

<p>There isn't a world history SAT II administered in October, right?</p>

<p>only in june and december</p>

<p>yeppp... sucks i know... i wanted to take it in May, 5 days after the AP... lazy ass CB... shame on them</p>