<p>Which one is easier?</p>

<p>About the same--I don't think one is especially harder than the other. To me, the ACT emphasizes more math/science skills, and the SAT more verbal/writing. Maybe you should take one of those diagnostic tests to see.</p>

<p>I think the ACT is easier. If you know your basic English grammar, you've got one section covered. And they don't mark down for wrong answers like the SAT does. The SAT equivalent to my ACT score was almost 100 points higher than my actual SAT score.
About the science section-it's 'science reasoning', not science. you have to know how to analyze charts and data mostly. makes it a little easier I think</p>

<p>I thought the ACT was easier. I took it once to get a 35 (1580 equivilent) and it took two tries to get a 1510 on the SAT.</p>

<p>what exactly does the act test.. other then math verbal and scientific/analitical skills? and how come some collages say sat 1 and 2 or 3 sats 2s but only act and no sat 2s??</p>

<p>take them both, and see which one is easier for YOU. A dx test is an excellent idea.</p>

<p>Quite frankly, some kids just do better on one vs the other...the SAT has more logic built into it, and tends to ask questions that top kids will waste their time over analyzing. The ACT is more content-based. But, if plan on taking the ACT, check with colleges that you are considering to see if they require the new Writing component of the ACT bcos it needs to be taken at the same time. One real positive for the ACT is that you can pick which score you want reported, or none at all -- only your top score, naturally. :)</p>