<p>Which one is more important, SAT or GPA?
Some people say that if you have low GPA but you have very high SAT scores, you have a better chance of getting accepted to college than the students who have very high GPA but low SAT scores.
Is that true?
Which situation would be better?</p>

<p>It depends. High GPA and low SAT IF they’re taking a bunch of APs and/or IBs. If they’re taking remedial geometry, that’s obviously not going to be the case.
Personally I have a high stdized test score and a low-for-CC GPA, and wish I had a better GPA. It’s more of an indicator as to how you’ll perform in college.</p>

<p>Higher GPA, definitely. I’m sure that your transcript will always carry the most weight in the admissions process. </p>

<p>However, it doesn’t look good if you have a high GPA and low SAT scores, because that would probably say a lot about the rigor of your classes/school.</p>