SAT Practice Books

<p>For everyone out there who doesn't know (this shouldn't be many), the College Board Official SAT Study Guide (big blue book) is the way to go for practice tests. It includes 8 official practice tests made by the SAT-maker (College Board). However, I have not heard great reviews about it's tips for "beating the SAT." So, what good books are out there that give good hints/tips/advice - ESPECIALLY IN CRITICAL READING-?</p>

<p>hey, there's a search button...please use that! It's really common question.</p>

<p>If your vocab is good it will show on the CR, if not it will show.</p>

<p>jsut do the blue book and use the testmasters to understand the questions
you missed</p>


<p>I would recommend Cracking the SAT for "beating the SAT" tips. I love that book. Very easy to read, and the tips have been really useful to me so far.</p>

<p>BARRON’S</a> SAT 2400</p>

<p>Ok so I'll check out Cracking the SAT (Princeton Review?)...what does the barrons one specialize in?</p>