SAT's & College Aps

<p>I have a predicament, probably a common one though. I was told to apply to college as early as possible, the earlier- the better. Early acceptance is due by November 1st. However, I have only taken the New SAT's once, and I want to get another time in before I send in my college aps. The next time to take the SAT's is October 1st, and I don't know if that gets my scores back and my aps in on time. So now I'm torn between getting my aps in early, or putting it on hold for my new score report. I have a chance that my SAT score will rise, but it's never a definite thing. My scores now are pretty low for the schools I would like to get into. I have a 1500 on the new test. I would like to raise this score, and it would definitly help my college application! I'm not sure now which is more important- getting my applications in early, or waiting on that last score report. What would anyone suggest for this? Please help me!</p>

<p>It's possible to apply EA and take the SAT in October. Though, it might be better for you to just prepare your applications earlier but send them under the regular decision deadline.</p>

<p>It's possible for you to take the SAT TWICE before EA deadline (although the colleges are going to see your scores before you will).</p>

<p>Most EA/ED schools will even accept November test results, so like George said, you still have two more chances to improve your score.</p>