Saving Scores

How can I find my registration information for my SAT so I can save my scores? I got a 800 on the Math 2 and a 1460 on the SAT with Essay.

The scores are automatically saved into your College Board account.

I’m sorry. I meant to say I am in 8th grade.

Scores for Eighth Graders and Below

If you test in the eighth grade or below, your scores are removed from your file at the end of the academic year you tested.

If you want your scores to be part of your permanent record, you must let us know before August of the year you tested. Include the following with your request:

Full identification information
Registration number
Test date
Mail your request to:

The College Board SAT Program
Attention: Talent Search Scores
P. O. Box 025505
Miami, FL 33102

How can I find this information? I am on vacation right now and don’t have my admission tickets.

How to access your College Board ID:
If you’re on a desktop device and took an SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, or PSAT 8/9:

Go to Student Score Reports and sign in.
Click View Details.
Click Download Report.

I do not have a laptop device with me.

Get your parents to sign and retrieve the information if possible. If not call CB and see what they recommend: Domestic: 866-756-7346

Yes, I’d advise you to call. I sent in the forms that I found, then followed up a month later just in case. They had nothing on record and I had the wrong forms anyway. The person I spoke to emailed me directly with a form personalized for my D and I emailed back the completed forms, receiving a confirmation that she had made the appropriate changes. The entire process took about 30 elapsed hours.

Iirc, they are deleted in August, so while not a “must do today” thing, it would be good to get to in the near future.

Ok, thank you for the help!