Say it here cause you can't say it directly- the get it off your chest thread (NO REPLIES TO OTHER POSTS)

So glad I don’t have a school-age kid!


Thank you, my sane state! (Mostly)


Do people really believe this crap? What a caricature!

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I don’t trust you because you lied to us, and continue to refuse to take ownership of and apologize for the disastrous decisions you made and the terrible consequences those decisions had.


Nothing like waking up to the dog having diarrhea and vomiting, especially the day before we are expecting family/overnight house guests! Had already booked a house cleaner for this afternoon, have now added getting the carpets cleaned and a vet appointment to today’s agenda (already gave the dog a bath and finished 2 loads of laundry). Don’t know what triggered this, but the stench is overwhelming. Poor pup.

To the CA: Stop telling my kid to write the college app essay about how life is like the waves under his surf board :whale: :whale2: :dolphin: :crocodile:


Disappointing results. The dysfunction shall continue.

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I am not yelling at you. Please stop telling me to stop yelling at you.

I am loud. I have zero percent hearing in one ear. I have no idea how loud I am. When I consciously try to speak softer, you very often have to ask me to repeat.

I am not able to modulate the volume of my voice due to my lack of hearing.

I am not yelling at you.
I am not yelling at you.
I am not yelling at you.


Your writing is very difficult to read and understand.

I’m so, so tired of this. Lost two cousins to Covid earlier this year, and today my late dad’s oldest brother was admitted to the hospital. He has Covid as does one of his son’s and another son’s two kids. My uncle lives with the son who is a doctor, and none of them is vaccinated!!! The two dead cousins weren’t vaccinated either. And neither was another cousin who was in the hospital twice with Covid and now is back home after a stint in rehab.

Thank you, mom and dad. I don’t know what you did to break the family crazy cycle.


How are these people in charge of anything?


Shame on you! These people are sick because they were cleaning up the toxic mess you created. They deserve better. Shame on you.

Wow…the incompetence is mind blowing.

I am sure it is not a coincidence that this announcement took place concurrent with the FDA announcement such that our killing of a US aid worker and his 7 children 3 weeks ago in Afghanistan will be moved out of the news cycle quickly and overshadowed.

May G-d rest the souls of those innocents whom we killed in error and the soldiers involved heal from the horrible burden they must feel.

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My co-worker, she’s always saying she has so much to do and is so busy but whenever I look her way she is always on her cell phone. Makes me chuckle.

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You are not a good person. You are toxic, and I am so glad I don’t have to have you in my life. I don’t care what you think of me. Those who choose to believe what you say about me will just have to go on believing the lies you have told, because I will never stoop to your level to address what really happened. It’s tough to be a good person sometimes, but it’s always right to do what’s right.


The darn pop up ads on this site are so annoying.


The current CC ad that I can’t get rid of that covers the right 1/3 of my page is annoying AF and prevents me from using the site appropriately.


Bye bye Sherwin Williams - 3 strikes, you’re out.

3 different trips for 3 different projects and each time you don’t have stock anywhere in town for the product of paint/stain I need. You’re a paint store!!!

Hello Valspar. :slight_smile:


Trying really hard not to jump into the low with him but it’s so hard given where his lows have landed him before. I feel his pain in being a true introvert and shy while trying to make a home in a new place with new people. Nothing I can solve for him. And I shouldn’t even if I could. But when your kid is hurting, it hurts.