<p>Hello, I’m new here, and I had some questions about scholarships offered at Cal Poly SLO. </p>

<p>I applied RD this year and I live in Georgia, but even if I’m accepted I probably won’t be able to go because I have much cheaper options in UGA and GaTech. I would really like to go though. Can anyone tell me if Cal Poly has any good merit-based scholarships or if I have a chance at receiving any merit-based aid?</p>

<p>My profile:</p>

<p>GPA: 4.0 uw
SAT: 1520/2300
Rigor of curriculum: My school didn’t offer many APs but I took 5 of the 6 offered, and honors courses where available
Class rank: 1/32
ECs: Decent leadership stuff, lots of sports
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White
Major choice: Civil Eng</p>

<p>Thanks in advance, and good look to all those who applied!</p>

<p>Cal Poly does have merit scholarships, but I've never heard of anyone receiving one. It seems that you don't need to apply, that incoming students are automatically considered for them.</p>

<p>Cal</a> Poly Financial Aid - Scholarships</p>

<p>Many seem to be for California residents only:</p>

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<p>You should be prepared to pay full out of state tuition if you want to attend, and consider any merit aid to be a nice bonus if you get it but don't count on it. Out of state cost of attendance will be around $40,000 next year.</p>

<p>Vballmom-where on earth did you get that information? I find it extremely hard to believe that the tuition can go up from 23,000 to 40000 in one year...</p>

<p>Non-resident students pay fees plus $248 per unit for non-resident tuition. That gives an out of state tuition of around $40,000, depending on how many credits are taken every quarter. </p>

<p>In-state tuition will be around $23,000 next year.</p>

<p>Hope that clears things up and sorry if I scared you! My son lives off-campus and as a result his COA is closer to $18,000 per year.</p>

<p>Cal</a> Poly Financial Aid - Cost of Attendance</p>

<p>Tuition in state is around $8,000. Total Cost of Attendance is $23,000 for in state.</p>

<p>Yes, good point to differentiate tuition vs COA. Tuition has been going up 5-10%/year, but it's historically been a relatively small part of the total cost of attendance. That's changing, obviously, as the state chips away at higher education spending.</p>

<p>CSU</a> trustees raise tuition 9% as students protest - SFGate</p>