Schools in Northeast,I always chance back :)

<p>You're really anxious... to get into Syracuse right?</p>

<p>Yeah, you'll get in there with good essays and recommendations.</p>

<p>Just remain your focus in whatever you do :)</p>

<p>yea :) Syracuse is the school I would really love to get into</p>

<p>I think that you will get into Syracuse! Since you are a 1st generation college student this will help your chances :) Good luck!!</p>

<p>Chance back-->
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<p>bumpity bump bump, bump bump</p>

<p>Come on pple, plz help me out</p>

<p>I assure you, you have the SATs and the intangibles (URM? 1st generation?). Fair 75% chance. But apply to safeties too.</p>

<p>bumpity bump bump</p>

<p>Your cumulative unweighted GPA is 3.6?</p>

<p>Hey~ Well I'm not very familiar with Syracuse, but from what I saw from ur post and what other ppl said, it seems like you are "half-in" already XD. Although SAT needs some work, and work on ur relation with the teachers ;) and ur essays and you'd be fine.</p>

<p>thx everyone</p>

<p>more input would be great ;)</p>

<p>What sort of input? Like how to improve without paying a cent for SATs/ACTs? Or more interesting ECs?</p>

<p>I suggest looking for an intern post for a job you like to do. Try it if you can :)</p>

<p>I think Syracuse is definately a match for you! you have shown great improvement, and since you are hispanic, you have a greater chance of getting in. i think you should do early action though, and try to get you SATS's up! good luck</p>

<p>bump bump</p>


<p>And also, I am thinking whether do you watch Orange basketball games.</p>

<p>I watch em when the tournament starts, im a big basketball fan, and you know if im accepted ill be going crazy in the carrier dome cheering on my team</p>

<p>Bumpity bump bump</p>

<p>I see. Bump bump bump! Go Orange!</p>

<p>bumpity bump bump, I always chace back ;)</p>