Schools without supplemental app/essays

<p>What are some schools that do not have supplements in addition to the Common App?</p>

<p>Anyone correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm think that the Dartmouth supplement only consists of basic information and answering some questions about what you might want to study and what activities you may want to participate in. It still has a supplement, but not any essays or anything like that. However, I'm only basing that off of the forms on Dartmouth's website, since the supplement isn't on Common App's website yet.</p>

<p>WPI has none.</p>

<p>Wesleyan has no supps.</p>

<p>Neither do any of the schools in New York's 'SUNY' system.</p>

<p>WUSTL has a supplement but it doesn't have an essay or anything. it's just a supplementary information form, very easy to fill out.</p>

<p>gg was correct. Dartmouth's supplement does not include an essay. (They do have the peer rec though, which I've never heard of another school using)</p>