SDSU Admissions Class of 2026

im in in state applicant with a 4.6+ csu gpa and didn’t get in

It was in the welcome letter. The one on the portal - not in the one that he got in email. So we didn’t know until the portal’s letter finally worked.

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Rejected or haven’t heard yet?

Twins - both applied to SDSU.
Daughter accepted on Friday, 4.3 W capped, 5 APs. Applied to public health.
Son didn’t hear back yet. 4.0 W, 4 APs, applied undecided.


I think only a small % of admits have come out. The rest of the decisions should come in Feb/March. Not getting an admit yet is not an indicator of an eventual rejection.

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@vvergegeger Maximum CSU GPA is 4.4 and there are other factors besides High stats that will determine if you are admitted early. Again, not all High stat applicants will be admitted early, the majority will hear in March.

@patek12: Early admits are usually High stat applicants/Honors college invitees but not all are high stat and some are OOS/International applicants whom are reviewed in a separate pool than in-state applicants. Yes, you are competitive.

Rejections do not go out until March with the rest of the decisions.


You just haven’t heard yet, most acceptances don’t come out until March.

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And now there has been a separate email from SDSU encouraging him to apply to the honors college. It seems odd to be getting multiple emails across different days repeating the information.

Friday - Initial email telling him to look at the portal, message in portal saying he’d been accepted, but broken link to the actual pdf acceptance letter
Monday - explicit email saying congratulations; broken link to welcome letter now works. That’s where we finally see the Honors College encouragement.
Tuesday - separate letter for honors college arrives.

It just sounds like they resent information because the links weren’t working.
My D has received the same. I thinks she’s enjoying the attention.


Does anyone know when I should expect to hear back from SDSU if I applied through the student SASC?

If you did not get an early acceptance in December, then your decision should be posted in Early March.

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I’m sure there are many factors to those early decisions. My son’s close group of friends has four applicants with very (comparable) high stats and many accolades, one of them received a December decision, the other three will be getting their decisions in March.

Obviously SDSU knows what they are doing. At least in my son’s school, the kids who got in, shrugged and started their wait for the UC decisions. Interesting to see how many enroll after the december decision.

My niece did the same thing but ended up enrolling at SDSU and will graduating in May. She thought she would have better choices with the UC’s but SDSU ended up being her best choice.


Same exact scenario with my daughter last year. It wound up being exactly the best place for her. She’s thriving at SDSU. Love how things just worked out the way they needed to.


SDSU is still releasing early acceptances. My kid got her notification of acceptance today, while a few of her friends did so in December.


Thanks for the update and congratulations to your student. This is probably due to the extended application deadline since this was the case last year.

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I suspected as much. She is are all in the same ballpark as her friends academically speaking, high grades, multiple APs, ELC and Statewide Guarantee for the UCs.

Congratulations! Did she by any chance have a unique major?