SDSU Class of 2025 admission thread

Do you know if the SAT requirement applies to the Nursing Program at SDSU too?

Also do you know if taking medical courses will look good to the admissions because I have an average GPA but I’ve gotten good grades in the medical courses.

@zhoira: I would contact SDSU nursing to confirm that test scores will not be used in the admissions process for Fall 2021. Nothing is stated on their website bu in the past, SDSU nursing applicants were admitted based on GPA and test scores same as all other majors so going test blind for Fall 2021 should be the same of all majors including Nursing.

Regarding medical courses, which medical courses have you taken?

According to the SDSU Nursing website, these are the Minimum requirements and grades they are looking for in prospective students and GPA will be the biggest factor.

Minimum Admission Requirements:

-Minimum GPA of 3.0 in A – G coursework
-Minimum grade of B in Intermediate Algebra, Biology, and Chemistry with lab courses. If AP or IB level courses were taken in these areas, applicants must have earned a minimum grade of B.
-Preference is given to applicants who have taken and earned strong grades in science and mathematics courses.

That said for Fall 2020, the average CSU GPA for admitted applicants was 4.21. If the Nursing program is also test blind for Fall 2021, you can bet that a high GPA will be required for the best chances.

All admissions related questions (e.g., application dates and deadlines, admissions criteria including minimum grade requirements and college entrance exam scores, AP/IB credits, transcript information, ranking methodology) should be directed to the SDSU Prospective Student Center at

Questions specific to the Nursing program can be directed to the School of Nursing Program Advisor at

Okay thank you for the information! And the medical courses I’ve taken are AHO/MMA Allied Health and EMR. In those classes they teach us medical terminology, anatomy, CPR training, emergency EMT training and when we graduate we get a certificate to perform CPR and in EMT training. So basically it’s like a medical pathway at my school and it’s in California (in-state).

Also in the program we go to the local hospital to assist other nurses and wear scrubs our senior year (this school year) but we won’t be doing it as of right now due to COVID.

@zhoira: These courses look like they are vocational not academic, so unless they are CSU transferable, they will probably have little impact on your chances. I would stick with taking the core classes required for HS graduation and fulfilling the a-g CSU course requirements with excellent grades. Having some experience in your prospective field is great, but no advantage when applying to SDSU Nursing. Some other Nursing programs which want volunteering/hands on experience may like the certification.

It isn’t, its an “Elective” course. I already did all of my A-G courses. I think I’ll be okay when it comes to classes my counselor has me covered when it comes to that. I just wanted to know if they look good to the SDSU Nursing program. But thank you for the information! :slight_smile:

Hi @Gumbymom I’m creating my college list, and I was wondering if SDSU is a reach, match, or competitive for me. My CSU GPA is 3.89, and I am deciding between majoring in kinesiology or speech therapy because I’m interested in both fields.

@annien9009: I need more information. Your GPA is the capped weighted CSU GPA?
HS course rigor?
Local or non-local?

Acceptance rate for 2019 admits are as follows and no 2020 data available yet.
Speech Therapy: 52%.
Kinesiology: 38%

Speech Therapy would be more of a Match than Kinesiology based on your information. Also more competition for Kinesiology due to the # of applicants.

Kinesiology had 2797 applicants and 1060 admitted.
Speech Therapy had 361 applicants and 189 admitted.

My GPA is the capped weighed CSU GPA and I’m in state but not local.

I’m not sure what you mean by HS course rigor. Is it like weighted honors and AP classes?

@annien9009: HS rigor means # of UC approved Honors, AP, IB or Dual Enrollment courses. Also grades in your science and math courses if you are leaning towards Kinesiology and the # of a-g courses over the minimum 15 required. Since test scores are not a consideration in the admission process this cycle, impacted campuses can use supplemental criteria to determine admissibility such as higher GPA thresholds, # of a-g courses taken, # of weighted a-g courses taken etc…

From the SDSU website: ** While we look at all of the college-prep coursework you have taken during high school, we also consider your performance and the number of units taken in courses most relevant to predicted success in your intended academic discipline.


Which school is harder to get into for direct admit nursing: SDSU or Azusa Pacific?
How will sdsu admit when everyone will have high gpa (bc of covid)
My csu capped gpa: 4.28
sat: 1480 (azusa sat is optional, sdsu is test blind)
I took 3 ap classes form 10-11. and currently taking 3 aps in 12th grade. I took one college summer course summer of 11th grade.
Thank you!

I took only took 3 UC approved Honors or AP

Chem Honors: B both semesters
English Honors 3: A both semesters
Ap Calc AB: B first semester, pass second semester

For my math and science grades
Chem Honors: B both semesters
Physics: A both semesters
IM3 STEM: B both semesters
AP Calc AB: B first semester, pass second semester

I also taking AP Gov and AP Calc BC this year


Azusa Pacific will use the your unweighted GPA for 9-11th grades and probalby your 1st semester Senior grades for admission. What is your unweighted GPA? The average unweighted GPA for APU overall (not specific for Nursing) was around 3.61. Also APU takes 2 classes of Nursing students, Fall and Spring but I am unable to find the # of students in each class. Your SAT is well above the 75th percentile for all APU admits so I would say you are in very good shape if you submit.

Below is the SDSU Nursing stats:

Your capped weighted CSU GPA is above the averages for Fall 2020 admits so I believe you have a good chance also. It really depends upon how you compare to the Nursing applicants in this admission cycle.

SDSU states on their website:

So they will admit students based on GPA but also how they performed in the science courses listed above.

Covid did have an impact on many students grades so even though many schools went Pass/Fail, some still gave letter grades so not everyone applying will have 4.0+ GPA’s.

@annien9009: So how does your HS rigor compare to other students in your class? You will be compared to all Kinesiology or Speech Therapy applicants so GPA, HS course rigor and what other supplemental criteria SDSU uses will determine whom will be admitted or not.

Thank you so much! My unweighted cummalative gpa is 4.0. Do you anything about azusa pacific trustee scholarship?


I’m not sure how my HS rigor compares to other students in my class.

Do you think my HS rigor and GPA would make SDSU a match school for speech language/kinesiology?

Also, does SDSU pay attention to whether or not you are first generation?

@annien9009: First generation is a consideration for SDSU but the most important factors will be GPA and HS rigor. See common dataset section C7.

Your HS course rigor will be compared within HS (what is available vs what you took advantage) and within your intended major applicants). SDSU does not consider alternate majors so you need to select one. Speech therapy would make SDSU a better Match school based on acceptance rate and the # of applicants to this major. Kinesiology less so but you are still in the running. Since SDSU and all the Cal states are test blind, it will difficult to determine for this year. Apply widely and best of luck.

@jessicanguyen: As with any full tuition scholarship, it will be highly competitive but definitely worth applying. Best of luck with your Nursing applications.


I’m really really hoping I get accepted to SDSU nursing!!! I have a pretty high weighted GPA (4.5) and strong classes (4 AP classes, 7 Honors and 6 Community College classes) -but is there anything more I can do to help my chances? I live in Southern CA but not San Diego… I know it’s very competitive to get in and am really nervous about it…

Thank you for your advice!!