SDSU Class of 2025 admission thread?

@annien9009: So how does your HS rigor compare to other students in your class? You will be compared to all Kinesiology or Speech Therapy applicants so GPA, HS course rigor and what other supplemental criteria SDSU uses will determine whom will be admitted or not.

Thank you so much! My unweighted cummalative gpa is 4.0. Do you anything about azusa pacific trustee scholarship?


I’m not sure how my HS rigor compares to other students in my class.

Do you think my HS rigor and GPA would make SDSU a match school for speech language/kinesiology?

Also, does SDSU pay attention to whether or not you are first generation?

@annien9009: First generation is a consideration for SDSU but the most important factors will be GPA and HS rigor. See common dataset section C7.

Your HS course rigor will be compared within HS (what is available vs what you took advantage) and within your intended major applicants). SDSU does not consider alternate majors so you need to select one. Speech therapy would make SDSU a better Match school based on acceptance rate and the # of applicants to this major. Kinesiology less so but you are still in the running. Since SDSU and all the Cal states are test blind, it will difficult to determine for this year. Apply widely and best of luck.

@jessicanguyen: As with any full tuition scholarship, it will be highly competitive but definitely worth applying. Best of luck with your Nursing applications.


I’m really really hoping I get accepted to SDSU nursing!!! I have a pretty high weighted GPA (4.5) and strong classes (4 AP classes, 7 Honors and 6 Community College classes) -but is there anything more I can do to help my chances? I live in Southern CA but not San Diego… I know it’s very competitive to get in and am really nervous about it…

Thank you for your advice!!

@NurseNat: First off congratulations on an excellent GPA but I will point out the maximum calculated CSU GPA is 4.4.

Since test scores are not considered in this admission cycle, your overall HS course rigor, # of a-g courses over the minimum 15 and your science and math grades will have a greater impact on your chances.

SDSU does not state they will use EC’s or other criteria in their admission review but make sure you check to see if there are any supplemental questions on the Cal state apply application.

You have a competitive GPA and based on last year’s averages of 4.21, you are above the average making you a competitive applicant.

Since the application opens in less than a month, there is really nothing you can do to enhance your application at this point.

My advice to any student apply for Nursing programs in California is to apply widely, make sure you have identified 1-2 safety schools and best of luck.

@Gumbymom thank you so much for your reply!! Fingers crossed I can get accepted to SDSU nursing!!

Does anybody know when SDSU is going to post their application by major for 2020?

@annien9009: They usually post the most current information when the application opens in October.

The SDSU admissions page has the following section under How Freshman Applicants are Ranked, “Additional Factors- Special consideration is given to students who have overcome life obstacles, participated in college preparatory programs, and attend high schools within SDSU’s local admission area.” Do you know how they will determine students who have overcome life obstacle or participated in preparatory programs?

@collegecrazy21: Some CSU campuses have supplemental questions on the Cal State Apply application so perhaps SDSU will add questions to their section so they can determine these additional factors? Applicants will have to wait and see if there are any revisions to the Cal state Apply application for this year.

BTW an excellent question.

@Gumbymom I do look forward to seeing what that application looks like in a few days. What a crazy year to apply!

What do you think “participated in college preparatory programs” mean? Would AP and Dual enrollment classes count for this?

@mmrl8974: I cannot say what SDSU considers “college prep” programs but some programs such as AP, IB, DE, AVID, MESA, Upward Bound would be considered college prep programs. Also summer Pre-college programs available through universities like COSMOS.

Thanks. Few more days and we’ll get to see how the CSU application looks like.
The DE that you mentioned is Dual Enrollment?

@mmrl8794: Yes, DE= Dual Enrollment.

HS course rigor has always been an important consideration in the CSU admission process.

@mmrl8794: Also wanted to add that SDSU has college prep programs for local HS students such as Compact for Success and College Avenue Compact which would give these SD HS students an advantage or guarantee admission if they meet the program requirements and succeed.

Just Submitted my Application!

CSU GPA: 3.75, WGPA: 3.91
Major: Kinesiology - Fitness Specialist
ACT: 31 - I Know it’s only for class placement

If you want to know more, please just ask! I am so excited for this year!


Question on the app :slight_smile:

So, I’ve listed every class I’ve taken and categorized most of them as an “A-G.” I’m at “25.5 years” of coursework on my app. 24.5 of those years are letter grades of A’s and one year is a B. I’ve technically taken 16 Honors/AP classes (32 semesters) but obviously can only get 8 semesters of H/AP credit on my app. So…my question is as I entered more classes with letter grades of A’s, my GPA goes down. -Do they take all that into account when looking over apps? If I only listed 15 A-G courses I cap out at 4.4 but listing 10 more “A’s” has watered down my GPA to 4.25 on the app.

I appreciate your help and advice!