SDSU Class of 2025 admission thread?

@sunshineyogi: Intended major?

Your GPA is within range for SDSU with around an average CSU admit GPA of 3.97. Much will depend upon how you compare to applicants within your major. Being a full pay OOS applicant makes you attractive to the CSU system so I would say you have a good chance unless you are applying for Nursing. Best of luck.

@sunshineyogi: Psychology is one of the most popular majors at SDSU with around a 37% acceptance rate last year (4194 applicants and 1584 admits).

I do not know your career goals with a Psychology major, but you are probably looking at Graduate school so affordability is important if you plan on any further education beyond your BA/BS. Paying $160K for 4 years at SDSU seems a bit pricey but if your family is comfortable with those costs then good luck.

Most Psy-D programs actually don’t cost anything and are treated as a work-study :slight_smile:

Hi @Gumbymom I was wondering my chances of getting into SDSU

My UW GPA is a 3.78 with a W of a 4.21
My CSU GPA was a 4.28
I took 7 honors classes and 3 APs (two of them I am taking now in my senior year)
I am ranked 61 of 588 in my class
I applied under the major of Social Work which I don’t know the specifics on how impacted the major is
I am also an in-state applicant, but not local.

@rusticjungle393: Your CSU GPA is well above the average admit GPA which puts you in a good position.

Social work had a 30% acceptance rate (121 admits with 397 applicants) last year so SDSU looks like a Match. You will be compared to all Social work applicants and Admit GPA by major data is not available so no guarantees but you are competitive.

Best of luck.

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Hi @Gumbymom,
I am elegible for compact for success and I was wondering if I would get my admittance letter earlier or around March with everyone else?

@PegasusNo7: Since you were not accepted in the December wave, then you should plan on hearing in March. Best of luck.

SDSU fall 2021 Applicant Here!

I submitted my application to SDSU as a Nursing Major, however, after hearing how extremely competitive it is to be accepted into this Major I was hoping for some advice.

Here are my Stats:

CSU GPA: 3.67
In state but not local
AP Classes: AP European History, AP Psychology, AP Lang, AP Human Geo, AP Literature, AP Government, AP Environmental Science, and AP Biology

Honors: English 1 Hon, English 2 Hon, Biology Honors, Anatomy Honors and took a Nursing Assistant course online which I received As both semesters.
Max of work hours a week
Max of extracurricular hours per week
Yes for leadership positions
AVID for 1 year

Therefore, it is obvious based on my gpa alone that my chances are not too high for the nursing Major and I am considering on changing it through my portal before decisions are sent out in order to increase my chances. Would anyone recommend this or should I just stick with what I have and hope for the best? (I would change Major to Public Health)

@Divadlagos: Based on the admit information for last years Nursing class, yes your chances are low . Just be aware that you cannot change majors into Nursing once you attend SDSU as a another major. They do not accept internal transfers into the Nursing program.

If you would be happy to pursue Public health instead, then I would change the major. With a 3.67 CSU GPA, Public Health is still not a guarantee.

Do you have any insight into a Liberal Studies Major?
In state but not local
2 community college courses
1 AP Class Jr Year
2 APs Senior Year
Tons of EC and Leadership, athletics, community service and a job.

For 2020 admission in the Liberal Studies major, there was 313 admits for 777 applicants which is 40% acceptance rate. A CSU GPA of 4.0 makes for a competitive applicant.

Best of luck.

I got accepted like a month ago (December)

Out of State - Pennsylvania
Major - Economics
UW GPA - 3.836
CSU GPA - 3.91
6 AP Classes
2 Honors Classes
No Standardized Tests Submitted
Leadership Position
Work Experience with My Dad’s Company


How good is Computer Engineering in SDSU?
My son wanted to study Computer Science, but SDSU may not be strong in Computer Science. He ended up applying for Computer Engineering…


I cannot address the strength of the CE major but my younger son attended SDSU as a CS major and had no issues with the program/curriculum. He was able to obtain 2 internships while studying at SDSU and had no difficulty in finding a job post graduation 2018. He is doing extremely well in his field.

School is there to educate you but internships and job experience is vital so he can apply what he has learned. Employers will be more interested in his job skills than where he went to school.

My son has a passion for cybersecurity so he did supplement his SDSU courses with on-line certifications to aid in this specialized field.

What is that he finds lacking in their CS major program? How has he determined CS is not a strong program and CE is a stronger program? It is up to the student to seek out and utilize all resources available to them.

Thank you for the quick response. We went to the open house event two years ago. I guess it was a bad presentation from the computer science department that time. We weren’t impressed. The presentation was in a small room about the size of a large a bedroom where two students presented the study of the whale’s sound. They were explaining as we were looking as the monitors, but it was very dull. A few little kids are pressing the keyboards for the sounds, and the monitor showing the pitch of the sound.
No one was talking about the department program. We assumed that the department was small.
We walked across the building, and went into Engineering building, the presentation was done by a professor, and it was very interesting. I think one presentation can ruin the image of the department.

@PurpleFaithful: I completely agree with you regarding a bad presentation, a bad tour guide etc… can make an unfavorable impression.

What I did with my son when he was looking schools and programs was to compare the course offerings for CS. When he first started at SDSU, he was leaning towards Game design but after taking a Cybersecurity course, it really peaked his interest in that area. Like I posted above, once he found his passion, he made an effort to seek out additional courses in this area through on-line sources and SDSU extension courses.

For CS at least, you will find most school course offerings are focused on an overall knowledge of the major. Specialization is becoming more prominent, but as my son found out, in his field of Cybersecurity, much of the knowledge he obtained was on the job and the has been true for his coworkers.

SDSU’s CS program is ABET accredited. ABET accreditation is not as important for CS vs. Engineering, but does give validation that the program does meet high standards.

It has been over 2 years since he graduated, so I cannot attest to the quality of the program currently.

I was accepted just now 1/14 as a psych major!
OOS (Massachusetts)
3.83 CSU GPA
Congrats and good luck to everyone!



BTW- has anyone received the top-secret “surprise” email?

I think it was just an invitation to apply to the honors college. At least so I think since that was the only email I got