Semi-international student... what are my chances? any suggestions?


<p>I am a U.S citizen living in France and going to school here since 1st grade...
SAT: 1390 combined best (strangely enough 760V only 630M , you would think most internationals do better on math than verbal...). SAT 2: 640 Writing, 620 World History, 800 French. top 10% of class. EC are OK considering school day is 8:30AM - 5:30 PM...
Problem is GPA : my UW gpa is 3.55 , weighted is 3.6. that is sort of low but that because of the way grading works in France.. extremely tough. highest gpa in class is only about 3.7<br>
What are my chances at Columbia (already sent ED) , Brandeis, Amherst, Yale , Cornell , U Maryland , U Michigan - Ann Harbor, U Washington (st louis) , Northwestern etc... ? Any other suggestions, especially on the "safety" side ?
btw the way I wanted to apply to UC berkely and U Virginia but they both require SAT 2 math. why? am I automatically refused If I send in my sat 2 (not math)?</p>

<p>Thanks a lot eveybody. this site is really great help.</p>

<p>pls answer......</p>

<p>You are not an international student, as that is a very specific category with restrictions and conditions. That you have lived in France for so long is definitely an interest point. You might want to have an appointment with your counselor or whoever is sending the counselor recs and transcripts and have him specifically explain that gpa so it is viewed in the proper light. </p>

<p>You have some tough schools on your list where anyone would have a hard time gaining admittance. But you also have some match schools as well. If UMD is your safety, you better get that app in fast as well as UMichigan's as these state schools use rolling admissions. Kids accepted in October may not make once December comes around and the spots have filled up. </p>

<p>In general, schools will hold your application until all the info they require is received. UVA and Berkely may just not get to your file if you don't have the SAT2 math, as that is probably a check item on the data received sheet. I don't recommend it , unless you really have the time to give it a try. Both schools would be more in the reach category for you. I would feel better if you had a couple more safeties or matches.</p>

<p>hey go48
im french living in france and im also applying to us uni's.
what are your awards like? i don't have any :s</p>

<p>jamimom, thanks a lot for you answer... yes, i know i'm not really an international student or a domestic one , i'm somewhere in the middle ;-) What do you mean by having the gpa viwed in proper light??? What I did is write a small letter in add. info part of apps saying that grading is tough , different philosophy etc.. but in a way that im not looking for sympathy but just giving them all the info. I also know that highest GPA in my class in not much higher than me ,about 3.7 and that is on every school counselor form so what esle can i do?<br>
I know I'm not a top top student but I think you dont have to exceed a school's average sat to be in . after all the average means 50% of admits were under that number... same thing with GPA. although for most of the schools I choose I am close to the 75 percentile than 25 for sat etc...
UMD and syracuse are my safeties.. i need one or two more . suggestions???
Am I correct that all the non rolling admissions schools dont even "open the enveloppe" before the deadline?
also, for gpa how is it that if highest grade, A+ is worth 4.3 that I see on this forum people with 4.5 or 4.2 GPA's ??? or am I not calculating it correctly?</p>

<p>axfr, I have only one award for a nationwide englsih contest ( forgot the name but it's like Kangarou contest in math , if you have ever heard of that.) what are you doing to explain all the differences and show the positives of education abroad?</p>


<p>well i was in the top 100 for the kangouroo
i also got certificates of excellency in german spanish and one for the college (end of 3eme)
two explain the diffs btw french and US education, Ive got an explanatory thing (just one page) that ill be sending with my school report and a french grade to GPA conversion chart.
My main teachers letter is also gonna be about that</p>

<p>You might want to consider Tufts.</p>

<p>the "explanatory thing " is the fullbright paper?
did you ever do the kangarou in english cause i forgot what it was called... if you remember please tell me. also, how did you calculate your GPA?</p>

<p>snuffles, I am applying to tufts ... thanks. I am still looking for safety schools ...</p>