Send Which SAT Subject tests

<p>I scored a
750 History (89th percentile)
750 math 2 (78th percentile)
710 lit (84th percentile)</p>

<p>needa send 2+ to all my colleges.</p>

<p>applying to HYP, duke, penn, cornell, w&m, chicago, gtown.</p>

<p>already sent all them to P, duke, w&m, gtown</p>

<p>for the rest, which should I send?</p>

<p>I'm leaning towards just sending all them</p>

<p>additional info: Idk how much is actually helpful. Im going in undecided and probably will be liberal artsish.</p>


<p>Do the two with the highest scores: Math and History. 750 is always more impressive than 710.
Also, since you're applying undecided, you might as well have both a liberal arts-ish SAT II and a science/math related SAT II. It shows you are rounded and will do well in either field.
Good luck!</p>

<p>anyone else have input?</p>

<p>Send all three.</p>

I agree ... all three. They are all good, and they show breadth.</p>

<p>the reason I was thinkin of sending all three is because then hopefully the colleges will either see that my range is okay, or they'll just disregard the one they see as weakest and won't hodl it against me.</p>

<p>I have 650 in MATHS 2, 610 in Chem , 570 in Physics,
gonna apply for a computer science course??
Send them all ??</p>