Sending AP scores

I’m a 20 and I had a quick question about sending AP scores to Dartmouth. Firstly, I said on my common app that I was planning on taking 6 AP tests this year. I bought the six tests, but after deciding to go to Dartmouth, I got partial refunds on 3 of them because I decided not to take them as a result of not getting credit, the subject not being of interest, and because I’d much rather take an intro course in a subject since it’s my strong suit. I never told Dartmouth about this, but now I’m worried about whether or not I could get in trouble (or rescinded) for not taking all the AP tests I said I was planning on taking. I was wondering if this would be an issue. I got two 4’s and a 5 on the tests I did take however.

Also, I was wondering if there’s any difference at all between the CollegeBoard’s rush and normal shipping for AP scores. Thanks!

My son, a '19, ended up not taking all of the AP exams he originally thought he would. Didn’t seem to make any difference to anyone.