Sending online application 2 weeks before meeting with counselor. Bad?

<p>I was applying to colleges today and I was wondering, will the colleges be upset if I send in my online application today, but not send my transcript and ACT scores until my school begins (Day after Labor Day). Technically I am meeting with my counseler 2 weeks from today (the 29th), but I was wondering if they would get upset that I only send the basic online application, and then have my other stuff sent later. Any thoughts are welcome/wanted!</p>

<p>Nope. As long as your transcripts are in by their deadline. You will be fine. (example... I applied to UF in july and didn't send transcripts until august)</p>

<p>The colleges have deadlines for when you need all paperwork by (check online)</p>

<p>Thanks a lot!</p>

<p>Not a problem at all. The due dates are the day when ALL materials need to be received. Teacher recs, counselor forms/school reports/transcripts, SAT scores etc. can all arrive separately (regardless of whether online or paper). Make sure you read through each school's instructions on applying though because they can differ. Brown likes to receive their supplement (to"open the file") before the actual Common Application. James Madison will only allow the teacher rec to arrive with the counselor forms and transcript. So read all application instructions for each school. Same when it comes time to submit financial aid forms (some are due in Feb., some are due in March, etc.). Read everything and note all due dates on an excel sheet. Lastly, note special supplements (i.e. art supps, sports supps, etc) are often due a month prior to the actual admission application. I know this isn't exactly what you asked, but just wanted you to learn from some of my son's application issues. Good luck!</p>