Sending SAT score after decision comes out?

<p>im getting my decision back around jan 15
but im planning on to retake Jan SAT </p>

<p>Should i call the college and ask them if they wll take my Jan sat
score regardless of what my decision is (whether its accepted or deffered, hopefully not rejected) for a chance of scholarships and perhaps admittance to honors program?</p>

<p>do colleges normally accept sat score after admitting the students?</p>

<p>If regular admisson decision is being released January 15 (I don't know which college if any has such a date for regular decision), then the Jan score is useless for admission -- if you get rejected, that will be it and submitting won't reverse that. However, depending on university, it could be used for determining scholarships after being admitted or honors programs.</p>

<p>If what you are talking about is instead early action or early decision (such as ED II) on Jan 15, then the Jan score might also be used for admisison if you are deferred instead of rejected Jan 15. That depends on whether the college will even accept and use Jan scores. </p>

<p>In any event, if the college does not say on its site whether it accepts the Jan score for any purpose then you can call and find out.</p>

<p>Yes, although you may find the information on their web site, which would be better than bothering them on the phone.
And, yes.</p>

<p>No. If you're rejected, you're rejected. SAT scores sent AFTER decisions have been made will not be accepted.</p>

<p>@Yuhikojay im only talking about an instance when imeither accepted or deferred which is why i wrote hopfully not rejected</p>

<p>if accepted, then it won't matter ;D
but deferred... yes, call them and ask if you are allowed to send in new information, because some colleges accept new updates and some say "don't send anything we have enough!"</p>