Sending SAT scores

<p>I'm taking the SAT IIs this saturday. I am worried I will not do better on them, and thus will not want to send in the scores... If I do not put down any schools on my registration ticket... can I send the scores just as fast if I rush them (I am applying early to stanford, and want to try and get them in ASAP IF I do better...(even though they say they prolly wont use them to review me)</p>

<p>Basically... is it faster to list the school on the entrance ticket to be sent, or rush once you get the results...?</p>

<p>You dig?</p>

<p>Hey, I'm not sure. Anyone know if you auto-send scores for a test, whether the school gets ALL your test scores? And do I have to specially send my AP scores somehow?</p>

<p>please help me?!</p>