Sending Scores

<p>If I send scores to a college do they get both SAT I and SAT II or just one or the other. I'm retaking the SAT I in October and 2-3 SAT II's in November so do I send once after SAT I comes out and again after SAT II comes out?</p>

<p>They will see both SAt I and II's. Sending scores depends on deadlines at the school you are applying to. Do they need SAT II's?</p>

<p>If you plan on sending the scores after the SAT II's, you don't need to send them after the SAT I's to the same school. Send the SAT I scores in October to the schools that don't require SAT II's, and then send the SAT II and SAT I scores in November to the ones that require the SAT IIs.</p>

<p>So should I wait till November to send or send after the October SAT.</p>

<p>Basically I have one SAT II that is 750+, and 2 more that I need to take.</p>

<p>So if I send after October would it be a waste of money?</p>

<p>EDIT - Sorry posted just as you did - Thanks!</p>