Senior year grades :l


<p>The regular decision deadline for some schools I'm applying to is Jan. 1, they
notify you their decision around March/April.
My question is; for the transcript they get when I send in my apps, does it
include updated ranking (1st semester senior year) and grades from 1st semester?
In other words, do they base their decisions from the rank and cumulative gpa I
get at the end of first semester senior year?</p>



<p>My school has always told me that our 1st semester senior year grades will be included for regular decision deadlines. And yes, the 1st semester grades does affect your CGPA.</p>

<p>Yes, they do base their decisions on your first semester grades. However, if your school does UW, then don’t worry, because most colleges take your transcript and make their own GPA.</p>

<p>Is it more important to have stellar grades during your junior year, or senior year? I’ve gotten straight A’s all throughout high school, but I might be expecting a B in Calculus by the end of the semester (I’m a senior); how would this affect my chances at top colleges?</p>

<p>“but I might be expecting a B in Calculus by the end of the semester (I’m a senior); how would this affect my chances at top colleges?”</p>

<p>you’re joking right?</p>

<p>Whether your first semester grades will be included in initial transcript you send depends on when you send and high school. If you apply now and request transcript, it would obviously not include 1st semester grades. If you order sent in late Dec and you are in one of the thousands of high schools that do not finish 1st semester until after Jan 1, they will also not be sent. Those colleges with Jan 1 deadlines require you to send a transcript by Jan 1. You cannot wait to order one sent until mid or late Jan if that is when you get 1st semester grades. So unless your high school is one that issues first semester grades before Jan 1, that transcript will not include first semester grades</p>

<p>Then whether you actually send 1st semester grades and whether they will be used by college depends on college. Check to see if it requires a mid-year report to be sent after you apply, meaning it wants your 1st semester grades (and often a verification from the high school of the courses you are taking second semester). You have to request your high school to send the required report (in other words, don’t assume it will do so automatically). If the college is one of those that require a mid-year report, it will use those grades to determine admission. If it does not request a mid-year report then it is likely one of those colleges (and there are many) that makes decisions based on grades (and rank if it uses rank) through junior year and won’t use your 1st semester grades for admission even if you do send them.</p>

<p>I agree with Drusba.
You only require your senior year grades if you’re think of applying very late, by which most of the high schools are through with their first semester of the Senior year. It solely depends on when you’re applying.</p>