Senior year: stop my language for a class with friends

<p>I've taken a language for three years, and I'm thinking about not taking it again, but instead to take a new class that will be really fun with my friends. The pros: I will have fun, instead of being in the language class. Cons: Not taking it the fourth year, its also an honors class giving me a 0.5 GPA boost.</p>


<p>What's the other class? Does it have actual merit, or is it just a class to goof off?</p>

<p>The language is Chinese. The other class is Ancient Greek studies or something, yes we will be goofing off in this class but colleges would not know that</p>

<p>If you will have to pass a foreign language test so as not to take a foreign language in college, you may be forcing yourself to take a language in college. Usually 2 years of a high school language = 1 year of language in college, and many colleges require you to have taken and passed the equivalent of 2 years of college foreign language in order to opt out of taking 2 years of foreign language in college.</p>

<p>I found the 4th year language to be the easiest also, since the time was spent speaking the language instead of memorizing verb tenses. Your teachers are also aware that seniors don't feel like doing any work and plan accordingly. Your idea to go into a first year language class and goof of to waste the time for freshman trying to actually learn the lessons would be rude.</p>

<p>Not a good choice if you're aiming for competitive colleges.</p>

<p>If you have a full schedule the vast majority of colleges aren't going to care as long as you have their required number of years. Even Ivy league schools aren't going to raise a red flag over this if you are taking the highest level of courses offerred in english, socal studies, math, & science. They realize that many times students can't fit everything in their schedules. I know our last student to go to an Ivy didn't take FL her last year. If colleges see that you got very high grades in your other years of FL they will not consider it a rigorous course.</p>

<p>We were told several times to keep a heavy load through your sr year, including the five core subjects; English, math, science, social studies, & foreign language. If you drop any one of these it needs to be in favor of a class that is equally difficult and will add to your transcript. AP Comp Sci, AP Psyc, AP Econ, for example. Saying that a class is a 'blow off' but the colleges don't know is foolish. The schools know far, far more than you think.</p>

Your teachers are also aware that seniors don't feel like doing any work and plan accordingly.


<p>This is misleading. Most HS teachers expect seniors to work in their classes and many of them, particularly in the "most rigorous" classes---i.e. the honors classes, the AP classes, the IB Higher Level classes, etc.---expect seniors to work hard.</p>

<p>It is NOT a good idea for HS seniors to goof off during their senior year. It makes the transition to college (even a fourth-tier one) that much harder.</p>

<p>The larger your school, the greater the chance that you will have a mixed grade level of students. Some take classes over the summer at cc to get ahead. Some take classes online during the school year to cover prereq's earlier. A teacher will not go easy on a senior just because they have earned some inherent right. Think again!</p>