Sequence of Pre-med sciences/math?

<p>Hi I have searched and searched on CC for the answers to these questions and wanted to see if someone/anyone can give me some suggestions. I am a mom but want to give some advice to my kid and I am clueless to pre-med at UF. Kid wants to major in history but do the pre-med requirements. Starts summer B and has preview next week so needs some ideas before getting there. Some background took AP cal ab(not great at math) did AP Chem (did okay) AP Bio did good AP us history, AP gov, AP world history, all 5. So my questions are timing of science.
Freshman year, cal and bio or chem?
Sophmore year, bio or chem?
Junior year, organic chem?
Senior year, physics?
Should they all be done by Junior year? Can AP credits be used towards your major? I realize there are many many other classes, but they can be arranged around the above classes. Also I have read it is good idea to do pre-cal the cal but do med schools accept these 2 for the math? Also what exactly does the placement test entail. I would love any suggestions from anyone about any of the above or other helpful recommendations. Thanks</p>

<p>Regular</a> Admissions Medical Admissions - College of Medicine - University of Florida</p>

<p>It appears there's an option on when to apply to med school.</p>

<p>UF has a pre-health website that will answer all of your questions and more!
Pre-Health:</a> Prepare</p>

<p>Also, here's a suggested course timeline for pre-med from their website
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<p>Feel free to look around that pre-health website because they discuss basically anything you would want/need to know. Let me know if you have any more questions!</p>

<p>This is great. Can't believe I didn't find those sites. Thank you. I will probably have a few questions after I have read everything. Thanks.</p>