Seriously, please chance me for NYU CAS RD, I can't sleep!

<p>GPA: UW:3.77/W:3.94
SAT:M:730 W:680 CR:600 (2010)
ACT: 29 (will take again for a 30+)
SAT II: 770 Math2, 680 Chem., 660 French</p>

<p>Fresh/Soph year: a bunch of honors</p>

<p>Jr: 3 AP's, Chem (3), USH (2), English Comp (4)
Jr. summer: Calculus 1 at comm. college: A</p>

<p>Sr: AP stats, AP Lit, APGov/Econ, French 4, HP Physics and other classes...</p>

<p>Teacher Rec: French teacher who I will have had for 4 years by senior year "fostered" me throughout high school and I always got A's in her class, she loves me.
AP English Comp teacher said if we got As in his class (Which I did) and a 4 or 5 on the AP test, (I got a 4) he would right us "a glowing recommendation)</p>

<p>Essays: they will probably be the highlight of my application because I enjoy writing!</p>

<p>EC's: 4 years tennis (3 varsity), 2 years of Marching band/concert band(I couldn't do 4 b/c it conflicted with tennis, which I chose to do because i like it more) Invited to Disney World in Florida to play ( I went) Other random band/tennis awards. 4 years French club (VP 11th, Pres. 12th probably) 2 years Faith club, 2 years FBLA, 2 years CSF. 300+ hours of community service at local rehab center, (hospital).</p>

<p>Awards: I really do not have a lot of awards except a writing contest award and a couple of mediocre awards in other stuff. I have like 3 awards in total (Yikes!!!)</p>

<p>Hooks: Low income family, 1st generation college student, brother goes to West Point (will that help at all?) </p>

<p>COMMENTS:My transcript shows a really visible upward grade trend. Also, I really want to go to NYU! xD</p>

<p>****If I get aaccepted , what dorm would i MOST LIKELY be staying in considering that I am pretty poor, going to go to CAS, and a freshman. In other words, what dorms do most freshmen stay in at CAS?</p>

<p>I dont think many people on here can tell you exactly what admissions will be looking for, but I get your anxiety. On the first note, teacher recommendations: French sounds like an awesome one to have, but if there is a teacher your closer to than your AP English teacher, I would go for him/her instead. I thought I would ask my AP English teacher just because I thought NYU might like that it was an AP teacher (rather than a regular class teacher), but I realized that there were other people who knew me a lot better. I know I got two awesome letters of rec (I didnt read them, but I know they both took time out to write an awesome letter), one from my English teacher and one from my photography teacher, and that was a much better choice than going with a teacher who simply taught a higher level class.</p>

<p>My GPA was about the same as yours. Now, I didnt get into CAS, but I was offered a spot in LSP and took it because it sounded like the best option, and I'm so excited and happy I picked this program. Dont slack in senior year I guess is the only way to bring it up, take APs and all that. Your weighted GPA is higher than mine was (I think, I only took 4 APs during high school and no honors). Your SAT is about the same as mine was, and your ACT is a point higher than mine was. Your EC's look nice, again, I had a lot of similar stuff. The only awards I had were a handful of local art awards, and being on high honor roll for all of high school.</p>

<p>As for dorms, worry about getting in first haha (although I wouldnt worry TOO much, you seem like a good applicant, and being that your on this site shows your clearly a dedicated student). My recommendation to you would be to start your essays before senior year starts, that way you can go to teachers and get them reviewed before everyone else. Apply ASAP (even if its not ED), but be sure to really look over your supplement questions and revise your essay as many times as it takes to make it interesting. Dont just tell them what they want to hear...on my application, one of the questions asked what New Yorker I would pick to hang out with for the day and what would we do. I picked Jerry Seinfeld and said I would spend the day shopping and going to comedy clubs...probably not the most professional answer, but its honest.</p>

<p>...but since dorms are fun to talk about, the favorite seems to be Hayden. That was my first choice, and nothing is official yet, but on my bill it says I got into a Low Cost Triple in Rubin - my 2nd choice dorm, and I'm really happy with that :)</p>

<p>Good luck, and feel free to ask more questions!</p>

<p>Your SATs are a bit on the low side. If you can bring those (or your ACTs) up, I would say there's a good chance you'll get in!</p>

<p>Keep up what you're doing and you'll get in comfortably.</p>