Service Learning at UPenn

Hello everyone,

I was looking at Penn’s Academically Based Community Service courses and became really attracted to Penn’s philosophy and practice of integrating knowledge and action through service. I browsed through the Netter Center for Community Partnership website, which provided detailed information about classes, but couldn’t find any comment from people who have actually participated in them. Coming from a high school that really emphasizes education through action and having taken part in extensive community service, I do realize there could be a difference between how a program is told to work and how it in fact works. Therefore, I would really appreciate insights from anyone who knows about or have experienced ABCS at Penn.

Two more random questions: 1)What are some other great opportunities to integrate courses with action at Penn, within Philly and beyond? 2) Does Penn’s One University Policy mean that undergrates can submatriculate into any graduate courses of their interest?

About myself:

In highschool, I went on a community service trip with my school to the same school in Northern India for Freshmen, Sophomore, and Junior year. After my second trip, my peers and I initiated a student group that tutors the kids in India over Skype. This is something that I really wish to bring with me even after I leave high school. Therefore, I would also love to know if Penn has similar opportunities––impactful service initiatives, or else, outside of the country.