Share and Tell - New Year's Eve Plans

Hosting an alcohol free party for a group of 18 year olds…husband drove them to have dinner in Atlantic City and they are on their way back to the house now. They will spend the night in our garage apartment . Nice to see them all dressed up for each other :smiley:

Watching Kinky Boots and drinking Kir Royals.

On the way to drop baby kiddo at her friends’ house (yay!! No kiddos driving) and then off to the party. :slight_smile:

emilybee and Tony - best wishes and speedy recovery to your loved ones.

Back from a nice dinner out. Now in my pj’s, drinking some wine and waiting for the ball to drop. Happy New Year everyone!

Tamales from the tamale lady, along with her homemade rice, beans, and salsa verde. H is watching a movie and I’ll pull out a book to read.

@lje62 - I am sure they are all good kids, but if you want to make sure it is an alcohol free party then walk around your property, especially near the garage apartment to make sure there is no alcohol stashed. I would also go check up on them few times during the night and make sure everyone is accounted for.

My kids are 22 and 26 now. They are good girls, but when they were in high school I knew too many alcohol free parties turned into “why there were so many beer bottles” (or other liquor bottles) at my house the day after. I much preferred my kids to go to parties where there were alcohol and parents were aware, so they could watch out for any abuse.

Because Times Square ain’t for everyone…

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!! :slight_smile:

OK the neighbors must have spent their college savings on fireworks! It’s been non-stop for hours, not the little bottle rockets but the huge booming mortars! Yes it’s pretty but it’s so LOUD! We still have more than two hours to go until midnight. The dog is not happy and my ears are ringing! I feel for the other neighbors with very small children - there’s no way anyone could sleep through this!

The dinner and company were great. The game was a bust. I couldn’t handle it and left after the 3rd quarter


Either that or one of them just got a job with a fireworks company…boxes and boxes of free samples! How does a 4th of July vacation fit into your family’s schedule?

@Tonyk ugh! free samples? Next year I’m asking Santa for noise canceling headphones!
Did I mention that they are setting these off in the middle of the street? I hope they are done by the time DD drives home from babysitting. Fireworks have always been big in our neighborhood but this year they are out doing the professional shows!

^ ^ ^

Is your neighborhood okay with fireworks set off in the street? If other neighbors think like you then maybe somebody should speak to town officials.

I’m not thrilled with it but it’s only once a year and no one wants to be a party pooper.

Home from the wedding, which was very nice but cold! An outdoor wedding when it’s in the 40s???

Happy new year!

OMG, parents of musicians - thank you so much for supporting your kids’ aspirations!!

Happy New Year to all!!!

Going to sleep early cause I’m jet lagged.