Shot at Dartmouth, Brown ED?

<p>I'd like to apply early to Dartmouth or Brown (leaning towards Dartmouth)... I'm a real person, not one of these superhumans I've seen post before, but I'd still like to take a stab at Dartmouth or Brown. Do I have a shot?
Here are my Stats...</p>

<p>White Male from small town Maine
SAT: 2160 Verbal:800 Math:670 Writing:690
ACT's on the way, so are SAT II's
GPA: our school doesn't do 4.0 or ranking or anything, but I have basically a 94.5% average.
Classes: I've taken all honors math and humanitites... I won't bore with the list or the grades... I'll be in French V next year, plus AP Stats and AP English (besides those two, my school only offers AP Calc for AP courses) </p>

Editor of School Newspaper Junior, Senior years, Junior Editor Sophomore year
President of the Art Club Sophomore, Junior, Senior years
National Honor Society
Future Problem Solver State Champion and National Qualifier
National Qualifier, World Quest Trivia Competition
National Merit Commended Scholar (I'm assuming I won't make semifinalist)
National Council of Teachers of English Writing Award nominee
numerous other awards and clubs and activities....</p>

<p>Athletics:Cross Country, Ski Team, Tennis until junior year, Outdoor Track junior and senior year ( i hold three school records in track... but that's partly because our school has only had a team for a few years) all sports varsity</p>

<p>Went on community service trips to the Dominican Republic to build a hospital the past two years... and other community service activities galore...</p>

<p>Working in Colorado this Summer on a ranch...</p>

<p>So what do you think? Do I have a shot? I'm hoping that essays will help... But can anything really make up for the cold hard fact that I have a 94.5 average?? I have a feeling my grades are just too low. Any comments would be great! Thanks!
Oh and PS: should I bother retaking the SAT I's inorder to bring up my writing (690)? I got 750s on the writing when I took a practice test. But I'm happy with 800 on the verbal and 670 on the math (im terrible at math). Is it worth four hours of my life? suggestions please...</p>

<p>Actually, a 94.5 average is very good and is certainly at the level of the top Ivys.</p>

<p>Yes. Colleges will only consider your highest scores for SATs. So if you retake them (even if you don't get 800 for CR) and raise other scores, it will be to your benefit.</p>

<p>yeah, you definitely have a shot at Brown and Dartmouth ED. You have the basics, it's how you present yourself (essays, recs, etc) that will get you in. </p>

<p>out of curiousity, what are you doing on the ranch?</p>

<p>ummm, good question! I leave in two days and I'm not exactly sure what I do! I'm a "chore person" and apparently I clean rooms, do random odd jobs, and waiter at the dinner hours... Its also a spa, so I carry bags and take care of the pool too i guess... whatever they need!</p>

<p>Ok I know colleges only "look" at your highest score, but I know they will also see the other scores. Wouldn't it be more impressive to just have one set of scores and nothing to distract? Is it still worth it? I don't see my math going anywhere but down and obviously CR won't improve... Thanks for the comments!</p>

<p>I want to emphasize asterstar's opinion - it's all about how you present yourself. </p>

<p>You're right. I think it'd be nice to have one set of exceptional scores, rather than two or three results with varying high marks. I don't think colleges see it the way we do as they continually remark that they look solely at your highest score.</p>

<p>SAT II's are in... 800 Literature, 680 World History. I'm pretty happy with world history, considering I was convinced I bombed it and didn't study at at all! </p>

<p>so does anyone have any input on my chances at Dartmouth or Brown? I feel like brown is such an extreme long shot, but at the same time, I feel like the right essay or rec could get you in on the spot. Brown just seems so unpredictable</p>