Shoud I consider preferred admissions to ross?

<p>Hi, I am almost done with my michigan application but still have not decided on whether to do preferred admissions or not.</p>

<p>Im 14/500, 4.6 Weigted GPA, and a 31 ACT. Its nothing extraordinary, I was just wondering if its worth my time?</p>

<p>From everything I read, probably not.</p>

<p>(To note, I applied preferred admit with 4.0uw Mich GPA and 33 ACT. I don't have very high hopes for getting in)</p>

<p>ok thanks....also on the applicaton does anyone know what they mean by credit hours?</p>

<p>If I remember correctly (been a while)... That's the number of credits each class is worth. It's how you have enough credits to graduate when they are added together.</p>