Should I add more? What did you do?

<p>I have a question regarding ECs on the Common App.</p>

<p>The Activity session only allows 10. I have more activities in which I was involved in, but I'm not sure if I should include a resume just to include them in my application. I already used the additional information to explain special circumstances in my education, so I'm not sure if adding that PLUS a resume is too much. Should I just keep my main 10 activities?</p>

<p>What did you guys do? Did you attach a resume or did you only put the 10 activities? Isn't 10 not "enough" anyway?</p>

<p>You can just add them to the Additional information section without attaching a resume.</p>

<p>^ Would you advise me to do this though? Does 10 sound like a short amount of ECs?</p>

<p>Ten is a good number. However, if you have more ECs that you truly are dedicated to, then add them. If they are just extra things like a club you were just a member of or didn't involve much of a time commitment, then it would probably be better to leave them out.</p>

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<p>Do you think it would make a major difference to admissions if these activities beyond the most important 10 were included? If you think they're very important and say a lot about you as a person and an applicant, then list them in addition information. If they're just things you were involved in that weren't particularly significant, leave them out. It's just a judgment call; there's no clear right or wrong answer here.</p>