Should I apply to any UC schools?

<p>Here are the schools I know I'm applying to so far: UCF (first choice), USF, UTampa, FIU, NC State, Temple University, Cal Polytechnic State San Luis Obispo, San Francisco State, and UO (Oregon; in-state for one of my safety schools).</p>

<p>I screwed up my freshman year and received a very low GPA (2.7). But after my freshman year, my grades increased majorly because I actually became motivated and took mostly IB classes as well (junior year). But because of my freshman year, my cumulative GPA is only a 3.17 or so right now. Weighted it's a 3.4. My test scores are pretty good; estimating from my practice tests and previous tests here's what I think I scored on my SAT I just took yesterday: CR 550, M 700, W 720.</p>

<p>Should I apply to any UC schools? I heard that the UC schools ignore your freshman year when looking at your GPA, so that's why I'm considering it. But without my freshman year, my weighted GPA is a 3.7. Is that high enough? And if you think I should apply, which UC schools should I apply to? UC Santa Cruz seems like one of less competitive ones so what about that one? And would I even have any chance at all applying to UCSD or UCLA?</p>

<p>UCs calculate a GPA from 10th-11th grade course grades (note, CSUs also leave out 9th grade course grades).</p>

<p>If you are not a California resident, UCs’ financial aid grants won’t cover the $23,000 per year out-of-state extra tuition. See the net price calculators.</p>

<p>The other out-of-state public schools also won’t be too generous with financial aid to you; check their net price calculators before applying.</p>

<p>the question is not “if” you should apply to a UC campus, but “why”? In other words, assuming that you would be accepted, what program do they offer that UO or OSU does not, considering that UC would be 2x the price? Secondly, if your first choice schools are in Florida, why waste time and money on apps to California schools? Why not Miami? Why Temple? Why NCState? (Strange list, IMO.)</p>