Should I drop this class

<p>So junior year is coming soon and I'm currently making decisions on my courses for next year. My courses aren't set in stone but it seems that I'll have virtually honors and AP classes for next year. Now there's also this research program in my class that I'm planning to drop for next year but I don't know how this will look like when I apply to top selective colleges. The reason for me dropping is partially both the amount of work involved and my dislike towards the teachers. I spoke with my guidance counselor and she suggests dropping it, saying selective colleges like ivys couldn't care less. I honestly don't believe this. Can anyone enlighten me? Also this research class is supposed to be a 3 year college credit class and technically it won't show as a "drop" on my transcript.</p>

<p>Your reasons for dropping the class are not what colleges would want to hear. That said there is no reason to doubt your guidance counselor. The class is not a typical high school class. And the subject is not mainstream.</p>

<p>Well it’s not like I’m doing bad in the class. I just don’t feel it works for me. It also directly conflicts with the clubs I am in so I don’t know how to get out of that. It is generally hampering my ECs. I’m just reluctant to drop it since I don’t know what selective colleges would think of this.</p>