Should I ED?

<p>NYU is my number one choice. I was wondering what my chances were for admission and if applying early would boost me at all. The school I would be applying to is Tisch.</p>

<p>GPA: (In academic courses only) 3.6 uw, 4.02 weighted
SAT: 600m, 650cr, 700w
Rank: Top 25%
Schedule: All honors except math, Freshman-Junior year. I also took Statistics at the local CC (received an A) and am taking Calculus there. I have already taken two APs, Euro and USH.
Senior Year Schedule (by FAR the hardest schedule in the entire grade):
AP Art History, AP American Government, AP Human Geography, AP Physics B, AP English Lit, AP Biology (and Calculus 1 at a CC).</p>

<p>Also note that my GPA would be significantly higher if Freshman year wasn't counted. I have gotten all As in everything besides science (Bs) for Sophomore and Junior year.</p>

<p>I'm looking into either a Cinema Studies or Film/Television major at Tisch (most likely the latter). My portfolio for either one, not to boast, I believe would be very good as I have extensive experience in filmmaking and am extremely knowledgeable in film history/theory. I'm highly considering applying ED, if that would give my app a boost. I'm also planning on taking the SATs again and should be able to get over 2000 (or 1300+ mv).</p>

<p>As far as ECs go, most of them relate to filmmaking. I'm working on a documentary which will serve, more or less, as an advertisement for my high school. I directed our class video last year and am slated to direct it again this year. I worked on a National History Day documentary which made it to the State finals. Additionally, I attended a film camp for three years and was paid to work at another. I have also spent a significant amount of time starting my own production company with my friends. Other then that, I have some work experience. I did a part time job last summer and a full time one this summer. I also plan to work about 20 hrs. per week during the school year.</p>

<p>I know that it is extremely hard to evaluate my portfolio without viewing it, but can I at least know how I am academically and what is essential in improving my chances to the level where admission is possible. Thank you very much.</p>

<p>I have very similar stats, can someone give some input?</p>

<p>It all depends on the school you're applying too. For Tisch, your portfolio is by far going to be the most important aspect of your application...if I were to suggest one thing to improve though, it would be your SATs. Try to get at least a 650 in math.</p>