Should I get my hopes up? Please reply.. tired of getting 0 replies..

<p>Well I am a senior in Texas, and I am applying everywhere...
Safeties/ Matches: *financial aid will make the difference between these
NYU Poly
Santa Clara

Rice ED
Notre Dame

<p>I really want to get into a school that I'll be happy at and that gives good financial aid.. I know about like my reaches/ matches/ safeties, but I want opinions from people who know more about college admissions.. Do you think I will get into at least a few of my reaches?</p>

Top 5%, 95 unweighted average, white male, 2180 SAT, 32 ACT, 33 ACT ss
Took Subject tests this morning.. predicted 800 math2, 680-740 phys and chem.
7 ap's this year.. 11 total
Applying for chemical engineering some places and chemistry others</p>

<p>2 years basketball
1 year working 16 hours a week at grocery store to help mom
Young Republicans
Academic competition regional qualifier
Teacher's aide
NHS + Mu Alpha theta
30 hours comm. serv.
Essays are about absentee father and about my leadership role in my family since we left my abusive, alcoholic father 8 years ago..</p>

<p>So do you guys think I will get into a few of my reaches?</p>

<p>It's hard to say about the reaches, but your scores are the best and they're not the worst. You could try using parchment to see your chances of getting in. NYU doesn't give a lot of financial aid money. Sorry that i'm not much help.</p>

<p>I think you look pretty good for Rice ED as long as you have strong letters and essays. I hope a solid financial aid package comes through. Good luck!</p>

I am applying everywhere...


<p>If you're really intending to apply to the 22 schools you listed, you're making a big mistake because you will produce less than stellar applications with that many schools.</p>

<p>You look good:) I think you have a great shot at Rice ED to be honest. In the odd chance that you do not get in there, I would bet that with some killer essays you could get into the majority of your matches/safeties and at least a few of the reaches. </p>

<p>But as entomom said, if you can cross off a few of the reaches, you might be better off, simply because all of those essays can create pressure that is not going to be helpful at all. (I am applying to too many schools-nowhere near that many^ lol- but at this point I am just kind of forced to start recycling the same essays and tweaking them to fit other prompts, which is probably bad...) So maybe try and limit that 22 to something closer to 10-15..that will help a lot.</p>

<p>I think being from Texas gives you <em>some</em> boost with the northeastern colleges, though Yale would still be like entering a lottery. The question is whether you would be happy on a campus where a substantial majority of students leaned Left, politically? I'm not saying, you wouldn't be; 2012 is a presidential election year and it should be exciting. I'm just wondering if you've given it any thought?</p>

<p>My advice . . .
Focus more on top list.
Eliminate Midd, Mudd, Wesleyan for sure (Mudd for stats and others for fit)
Rethink Ivies and pick maybe 2 best chances/best fit rather than 5
no first hand knowledge, but from what I have read NYU FA isn't good
look at some Texas state schools more closely for good FA</p>

<p>You've got a really wide variety in schools there, from huge to small, rural to densely urban, LAC to state U. How far away from home are you really willing and able to go? There's a big difference, emotionally and financially, between schools you must fly to and from, and schools to which you can drive. And applying to so many schools costs a fair amount, too. Are all those reaches equally good in chemical engineering? Focus on the schools that really suit you, and you have a better chance at getting in, no matter how selective the school.</p>

<p>You definitely need to trim down this list so that you can really do a fantastic job on all the supplements. I takes at least a full weekend of work on one school supp. to be good, so there's just no way you to expect to apply to this many schools and have all the essays be spectacular. Cut it down asap. I'd also cut down on the reaches just based on student body and fit --Brown and Dartmouth are worlds apart for instance. I'd cut Brown, Wesleyan, Tufts, Middlebury? Just basing this on your EC info. Wesleyan has no real essay in supp. though, so leave in that one if you can't part with it :). But you could also stand to cut some schools from the target/safety list. Just two safeties is really all you need. I would cut this list down to 12-15 schools max.</p>

<p>Have you know your EFC yet? Do the FAFSA forecaster on the .gov site. This will give you a better idea of whether it's a good idea to apply to some of the schools that are not likely to offer you much in the way of FA.</p>

<p>I agree, consolidate the list. That way you can concentrate on just the ones you really are interested in. If not you will just fill out the apps without really focusing on the important ones is what I feel will happen.</p>