Should I go to college!?!

I have a YouTube channel and I think it’s sufficiently big- it’s based on gaming. However my sat scores are not that good 1020. I think that I want to do youtube as a living. Is it really worth it for me to go to college. I say this because I really don’t know what to major in.

Yes, you probably should go to college, but you don’t have to start at a 4-year college and you don’t have to go right away after high school graduation. It certainly is acceptable to focus on your business for a few years and wait until you feel more ready and have a clearer set of goals to attend college.

So if you don’t feel ready right now – that’s fine – wait a while.

I think you should go, the Youtube craze might end. A part time Media Arts program at a community college might interest you.

A really good path would be to perhaps go to community college for some type of online or video game related degree. Good backup or supplement in case your channel isn’t enough.

You don’t need to know what you are going to major in or what career you want, before going to college. You can go as an undecided. Students generally choose a major at the end of sophomore year and many change majors at one time or another.

That said, I am strongly in favor of the idea that not everyone should go to college, or needs to. You can continue on your path until it feels necessary to go.

One of mine did a year of college, then community college, and now is in an “adult learner” extension type program which she can leave for a semester and which allows her to take just one or two courses at a time. She loves to work and has good work experience behind her in customer service type jobs.

An associates degree at a community college can be a good compromise, as others have said, in the area you are currently interested in.

If you do community college there is often a direct admit program to a state university. Just be aware that for some schools, applying as a rising junior can affect scholarships.

Good luck. I really think you can continue with your YouTube. Take one course at community college in this area perhaps, and see how you like it. Start small, but it is also fine to wait. It really is.

I agree that college gives you the most options in life. I also agree that taking community college courses would be a great idea. Are you currently making money on your youtube channel?

Slightly different direction. You are talking about starting your own business or building your existing business that just happens to be in a YouTube format. Is your channel generating enough money for you to live happily or can you reasonably forecast and execute what would need to happen to get there? If you can, congratulations, you are a young business owner!

If not, you might want to consider whether you (and your loved ones supporting you) are willing to accept whatever that lifestyle would be (not judging.) In this case, maybe college makes sense while waiting for your channel to mature. Perhaps there are business classes that would help you. There’s no reason you can’t pursue both.

That being said, if you decide to pursue it, treat it like a business. Write a business plan (there’s probably a channel to show you how) and present it to several adults you respect. Listen to their criticisms. Decide If this is a hobby or a business. If it is a business, have a plan B - many businesses fail. Think about what you’ll need if that time comes. That’s where the degree is handy. Good luck!

Or, college might assist you with biz management to handle your finances.

@Rayfusion, I think many of us can understand why you may not want to go to college.

But we also understand – because we’re older – that life takes people in unexpected directions, and at some point in your life, you may want to have a college degree because you can’t get a particular job without it.

Of course, it’s possible to get a college degree when you’re older, but often, it’s more difficult because you may have commitments like a spouse, kids, and a mortgage. Thus, parents tend to encourage kids to go to college soon after finishing high school if not right away.

However, people are individuals. It may be that college is not the ideal choice for you right now.

But I think it would be a great idea to look at what’s offered at your community college. There may be career-oriented programs that would help you with the career you’ve already started, and community college is only a 2-year commitment, which pleases some people (maybe including you).

A college degree-- even a 2 year Associate’s Degree- is, at a minimum, insurance. If your career in YouTube doesn’t work out, it will be a whole lot easier to get another job with a degree than without it. It doesn’t really matter what the degree is in.

So consider a 2 year degree in game design. Or in finance. Or in just about anything. You can go part time if you want, so you still have lots of time to devote to You Tube. But, like most of the adults (who are admittedly biased evidenced simply by our participation on College Confidential)-- I suggest you get a degree in something.

Another vote for community college. I always think young adults should be taking one or two classes each semester while working full time regardless of not knowing what they might eventually want a degree in. If you are planning to start or have already started your business, that’s a direction to head in for sure. All four year degrees require some mandatory classes to start, usually an English 101 and a Math at your capability, whatever that might be. Take one mandatory class and one class that you are more interested in, in this case either a business class or a media class. Before you know it, you’ll have a better idea of what career you might want and you’ll be half way done (at half the cost) towards your Bachelors degree.

What state do you live in?
Does your channel generate revenue?
Can you study and retake the SAT this October?
You could take some community college classes that sound interesting to you, part time. - it’s typically relatively cheap that you could pay out of pocket without using your federal financial aid. Depending on your state, there may be a cc to university pathway that’d make things easier if you decide to continue with college.