Should I have snet my SAT scores out by now?

<p>Should I have sent my SAT Scores out to the colleges I'm applying to yet? I haven't completed any of the applications yet, but can you send them before you apply?</p>

<p>anyone, please?</p>

<p>Not necessarily. Just make sure you have it sent as soon as you officially apply.</p>

<p>Yes you can send them as soon as you're done.</p>

<p>depends on whether you're applying early decision/admission/action anywhere. If you are, you MIGHT be able to send the Nov. SAT in if you're taking that one. If you're not taking the November SAT and you're applying early, then you might as well send your scores. They'll start a file for you even if you haven't submitted your application yet. If you're not applying early anywhere, then you've got a few more weeks to get your SAT scores in (I think most schools accept up to the december or january SAT for regular decision).</p>