Should i retake a 2270 for Wharton and ivies?

<p>My first SAT score was a 2270 as mentioned in the title, here is the breakdown 700M, 770CR, 800W. I know this is a good score and I am very pleased. I also know that this score can probably get me into good colleges as long as the rest of my app is solid. However i feel that the Math score is kind of low. So is it worth retaking the test to boost my math score or just live with it. I am probably going to apply to Wharton and other Ivy league caliber schools. The reason I am apprehensive is that if i do retake the test then i am in a sense "risking" my other two sections in which i did very well in, what i mean is that maybe next time i won't do so well on those two but do better in Math.</p>

<p>Say my Math score does go up to something like 750-780 and my overall score ends up like a 2180 or a 2220 with like a 740CR and a 700W or something will that hurt my application, i understand some schools never look at individual sittings but superscore, but also schools like Penn want all the sittings. </p>

<p>Some other stats that might help</p>

<p>Rank: 3/596
GPA: Currently as a junior 4.1952, by the time i apply probably 4.5 something.</p>

<p>How many times have you taken the SAT? If it is only once or twice, and because you are a junior, I personally would take it again senior year- as long as you're confident you can improve your scores, and it will take a lot of practice to get that confidence. Most people with your score will go down if they retake it.</p>

<p>Focus on math but keep practicing the other two sections, you have time to improve your math score and maintain the other ones.</p>

<p>yeah, i fear that the second time i won't score as high, and yes the 2270 was my first time, but how much of a drop can i sustain before it is a negative, is it imperative that i score int he 2200's the next time i take it so that the scores seem solid and not flukes, mainly i am worried about writing, i have no idea how a only missed one question the whole test, reading i felt as though i got perfect but ended up missing 3 questions</p>

<p>Yes, I would retake it. You also might get lucky with the test curve; I took the SAT in March and got a 2290, and took the October one and got a 2360. I didn't think that I did any better really.</p>

<p>Don't bother re-taking. Colleges want you to be in the ballpark, which you certainly are. Another 50 points or so will not get you accepted if you wouldn't otherwise have been.</p>

<p>How much practice did you do to score the 2270 the first time (number of weeks or days)? A certain amount of it is luck, but to score that well the first time is a good sign that more practice means you can score even better.</p>

<p>But yes, to look good you would have to go against the odds and score higher the second time, but it can be done.</p>

<p>Definitely retake it for Wharton. 700M probably needs to go up. Everything else looks fine. All these schools superscore anyways, so unless you think you will flat-out tank on the other 2 sections you ought to retake it.</p>

<p>Alright thanks for the advice, now should i retake in March, or October, The positive of March is that i will be still somewhat fresh from the last time i took it december, but taking it in october gives me the summer to really buckle down and improve.</p>

<p>Trance i studied a bunch for the first one, from october almost, but that was only like reviewing general matierial, in november i buckled down and did all the practice tests and stuff. </p>

<p>I don't think i will tank on the other two sections if i take it again, also i will probably take the ACT in Feb.</p>

<p>It's really only up to you. Personally, I wouldn't re-take it. You're in the range, and a 2270 is not going to keep you out of any school without other factors. That being said, if you would feel more confident taking it again, go for it. It's just up to how you feel about the score in relation to your application as a whole. Good Luck!</p>

<p>I'd rarely suggest a retake of a 2270 but math is definitely something you can bring up with prep and it's unlikely your CR and W will drop below 700. I'd say go for it.</p>

<p>couldn't you 'compensate' for the math score by taking a Math SATII test ? Also, I have read that most colleges super-score your SAT, so retaking the SAT should not be too risky unless you really do bad in CR and W</p>

<p>The fact that you're going for Wharton almost necessitates retaking, if only to get your math score up.</p>

<p>I say retake.</p>

<p>Math is ridiculously easy to improve and you definitely seem like the kind who is diligent enough to practise and do so.</p>

<p>Therefore, if you are confident you can retain your CR & W marks and improve Math, pretty much to 800, definitely do it.</p>

<p>I don't think spending time taking extra tests is worth it. You should focus more on EC's and maybe SAT II's or whatever else you do that can make you a better candidate for college. Scores only matter up to a certain point- even 2400's get rejected!</p>

<p>i also got a 2270 the first time i took junior year (CR-700, M-770, W-800) and am facing the same dilema. i want to apply ED to upenn (the regular school, not Wharton).</p>

<p>my college advisor suggested taking them again fall of senior year just for the heck of it, but my sat tutor told me it is not worth it. 30 points wont make or break it. were all in the same boat here. </p>

<p>im confused :( what should i do?</p>

<p>Don't Ivies take the composite score?</p>

<p>they say they do...but they still see all scores...</p>

<p>There are plenty of people applying to Wharton with 2300+, so i would suggest you take it to stand out a bit more, given that you don't have anything else to show off other than your GPA and SAT score....</p>

<p>@Luciferfied: No i don't think Ivies take super-scores.</p>

<p>^That is incorrect. Harvard, at least, permits applicants to use Score Choice.</p>

There are plenty of people applying to Wharton with 2300+


<p>Would you care to elaborate upon what you mean by "plenty?"</p>

<p>Retake it. Who knows, you could end up improving all your scores, then you would be glad you did. I took the ACT last February as a 7th grader and got a 27 composite (23 math, 27 science, 27 reading, 29 english). I was a little frustrated, because I was hoping to do better, but who cares. I have five years till college, I have time to drastically improve. :)</p>