Should I send my SAT Subject Scores?

<p>I need to send them before I get my scores back, to ensure faster arrival because some colleges might not get my January scores in time. The thing is, I took two tests (Biology and Literature.) I think I did fine on Bio (700), but for lit...I think I got around 590-610. If I do send them before I see my scores, I have to send both of them, so I'm wondering..should I send them both in? I'm applying to top schools (emory, BU..etc). If I still wait too see my scores and send only one, will most schools who accept january be able to see them in time? I'm pursuing science/business. </p>

<p>Wait to see your scores before sending. It is better to lose a few dollars than send a bad score.</p>

<p>The question is whether you will meet the deadline and the requirement. If the school requires 2 subject test scores, you need to submit them by the deadline. Not fulfilling the requirement is worse than having one mediocre score.</p>